Which is the best metal detector to buy?!

Which is the best metal detector to buy?!

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Andy, which is the best metal detector to buy?

This is a question I get asked about over and over again on the comment sections of my YouTube videos. Who can blame potential newcomers to the hobby for being cautious about buying a new metal detector as there are so many different brands with loads of different models which all cater for different needs.
Unfortunately I cannot answer this question in the comment section of my videos as there is literally not enough writing space to be able to give them any decent advice. So instead I decided to make a quick video on my YouTube channel to voice my opinion on which is the best metal detector for a beginner to buy.
I hope this helps others who stumble across it. If the video helps in any way, shape or form please give it a thumbs up and share among your buddies. Happy metal detecting all.

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