What Would You Do? – Scenario #2

What Would You Do? – Scenario #2

So here’s the scenario, While metal detecting at your local park you look over and notice a new guy swinging his detector in a grassy area. You’ve never seen anyone else metal detecting in your town, much less your local park so your curiosity is piqued. That’s when you notice that he is digging like an armadillo looking for a grub, slinging dirt a foot behind him! You think to yourself, “This would be funny if it wasn’t really happening.”

When you can’t take it anymore you work your way over to the area that the new guy is excavating and kindly ask if he’s finding anything. After talking to your new friend for a short time you learn that he has found a few pennies and that he travelled from another state to metal detect in your parks.

Visitors are always welcome but when you realize that the new guy is digging with a 3 prong hand rake you feel obligated to suggest a better hand digger. After coming to an agreement that a new hand digger would leave less damage to the grass, you part ways and your new friend leaves.

That’s when you realize that the situation is much worse than you initially thought. Upon closer inspection you notice about twenty unfilled holes randomly scattered about. Holes and furrows actually! Unbelievable, but there are unfilled holes, everywhere…

What would you do?

Final Thoughts

This is the second scenario in the “What Would You Do?” series.

Often the “correct answer” seems obvious, but that might not be what you would actually do in said situation. After reading the above scenario think about what you might do if you found yourself in this situation. Please sound off in the comments section below, or reply to this article’s Twitter or FB post with your thoughts.

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  1. Mike Herbert at 5:47 pm

    Well…he has left…. I would fill in and try to make nice all his holes. Then hope if I ever see him again that he had changed the way he digs. If he had not….then it could get ugly. Healing what he did to the park protects me and other hunters from backlash against us.

  2. Mike Griffiths at 12:02 am

    In the situation described, a new guy digging badly in a park, I would as suggested, approach him and suggest a better way to retrieve coins from the ground without giving more careing guys a bad name, and possibly banning us from all parks….not that you are allowed to officially dig in GoldCoast parks anyway.

  3. Phil at 4:15 pm

    I’ve run into both, but not at the same time. The new guys digging large holes I talk with and have never had a problem. Over the years though, I’ve spent several hours filling open holes and replacing plugs left by people that evidently could care less.

  4. Tommyjay at 7:17 pm

    Show the guy how to properly fill holes while telling him stories about places that are no longer open to metal detecting because of this…….in a friendly way of course.

  5. POTSman at 2:28 pm

    Unfortunately there are those that ruin the hobby for ALL of us, Orlando and area parks for this reason and also for “excavation” of a baseball & soccer field the City spent $60K each on that the moron dug up buried sprinkler heads! Now a two-page application (it’s on line in case you want to see) to MD in Orlando Parks and Recreation, WITHOUT DIGGING or a digging instrument, so have fun in Mouse-City!

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