Metal Detecting with the Minelab Safari on wet sand beach today

Metal Detecting with the Minelab Safari on wet sand beach today

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So today is boxing day and my Mrs had planned to hit the sales at the clothes shops which left me with a good opportunity to get out metal detecting. I really could not be bothered to go to any of my land based permissions today as lately  they have not been producing anything worthy of the time spent in the field.

So I decided that I would go down to the local beach with my Minelab Safari for the first time since buying it 6 months ago. Half the reason that I bought this metal detector was because I had heard such positive reviews about its ability to do the wet sand as well as it does the land and Bridlington beach would be the ultimate test and proving ground for it.

The beach in question is very flat and as such holds a lot of water in the sand, not only that but the mineralisation is out of this world and not many detectors do well there on the wet stuff.

Anyway, I arrived just as the day was dawning and even though the sun was shining brightly it was around three degrees Celsius with a biting wind rolling straight in from the cold sea. I found that the Minelab Safari Metal Detector worked extremely well on the wet sand and as long as i didn’t crank up the sensitivity too high there was little to no falsing which is really incredible.

The settings that I used were: All metal mode, sensitivity 16, -10 and +40 notched out with a threshold of 11. After a good noise cancelling it behaved like a dream with these settings!




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