Finding cellar holes – Reading the landscape

Finding cellar holes – Reading the landscape

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Finding cellar holes out in the woods of old homesites from the 1700s & reading the land to find the lost history of New England.

Taking a long hike in the woods of New Hampshire scouting for old abandoned colonial homesites that are now just the abandoned farms of Americas History. The goal is to find cellar holes and map them for our towns historical society and put the pieces together of where the settlers once lived and famed in our town. Reading the land is really its own language and once you learn it you can see and understand why the forests look the way they do today.

All these rock walls in New Hampshire and other New England states all have a meaning as to why they were built and the layout gives us important clues as to what the people who lived here were doing. At the end of the day we draw the winners for the July 2018 giveaways.

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