Every day, important historical artifacts are lost due to such factors as land development and decay in the ground.   Detecting365’s goal is to support the metal detecting community by sharing informative articles aimed at assisting detectorists of all levels to meet the challenges they face in the field related to such things as research, permission, equipment, and techniques.   Our goal is to see as many relics saved as possible.


Founded in 2013, Detecting365’s mission is to support relic, coin, jewelry and garbage hunters through:

  • Informative, yet entertaining, detailed articles aimed at assisting detectorists of all skill levels (beginner through expert/veteran) to continuously improve their detecting skills.
  • In 2016 and beyond, the detecting environment is different than it was 30 years ago.  We provide completely new detecting concepts and techniques aimed at hunting sites that have been heavily hunted yet produced relics in the past.   Many of these concepts sound crazy and/or unconventional, but they have been proven to work.
  • To promote detectorists that write educational articles and create useful videos by syndicating their content and exposing to our fan-base.  These detectorists receive the credit as well as blog and video traffic from our site.  Contact us if you would like to add your content.


Clark Rickman has been detecting over 35 years – since 1983.   Among other things, he has dug over 1200 silver coins, rare Civil War plates and buttons, over 2000 Civil War bullets, and a George Washington Inaugural button, all using the techniques freely available on Detecting365.   Clark has an engineering background, and sees detecting as a never-ending continuous improvement process.  He is continually experimenting and looking for new methods to add any small advantage to his techniques.  Clark’s hunting partners will provide testament that he is a master at permission, and his passion and detecting skills are without question among the best in the nation.  He is known for consistently rescuing considerable relics from some of the most hunted out sites in Middle Tennessee.

Clark was recognized by the Middle Tennessee Metal Detecting Club with the title of MASTER HUNTER, the club’s highest annual honor, and was a recipient of the nonexistent Burt Hurchenger Award for niche journalism.   Clark enjoys writing and sharing his continuous improvement detecting journey  – incorporating both traditional and unconventional techniques and his own dark brand of humour – with the detecting community at large.


Amanda Mitchell: Graphics

VLADIMIR X: European Detecting Correspondent

Leroy Jones: Vintage Detecting Equipment Afficianado


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