Will The Fisher F44 Lose Depth With A Big Coil? (Testing, Answer +)

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Flipping through some forums about detecting, I came across one very interesting question. Its essence is that the Fisher F44 because of its power in 2 AA batteries, does not preform as well with a large coil as other detectors. Because of this I have 2 questions:

  1. How does a metal detector with a large coil lose in depth of detection when the charge in the batteries decreases?
  2. Did the engineers at Fisher accidentally mess up with the power ratio = depth with a regular coil?

To answer these 2 questions, I need to preform a small test, which will require: a coin, a ruler, a large coil (Nel Storm 13×14”), 3 sets of batteries and the Fisher F44 itself.

I chose the most equable mode- JEWELRY. The sensitivity i set to 10 – only so the detector with a vertically standing coil in a room could be quiet. I had three sets of different charged batteries  with a different voltage, which on the battery indicator showed three black segments, two and one. For this test, we will not count the grey segments.

Now that i have told you the test conditions,i will show you the result.

Battery Segments Storm 13х14” coil (cm) Standard 7х11” coil (cm)
3 Segments 22 16
2 Segments 21 16
1 Segment 20 16

Now we analyze the results obtained, and answer the questions:

  1. In my opinion, the loss in depth is not significant. For me, a centimeter is not the value that can drastically affect the effectiveness of detecting.
  2. Regarding the regular coil, the engineers at Fisher Research Labs calculated everything without a flaw.
    After carrying out the test with the F44, I had a question: do other metal detectors lose depth when the batteries are low?… I have never thought about this.

P.S. Pulling out and changing the batteries from the Fisher F44 Metal Detector was smooth and no problem at all- all was built firmly and reliably.


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