Why Get A Pinpointer?

Why Get A Pinpointer?

An important tool that can help you be successful when metal detecting is a good pinpointer. A pinpointer is used to help locate the target after you dig.

You’d be surprised how camouflage a coin can be in a handful of dirt! Sometimes targets are in the side of the hole, and having a good pinpointer can help you locate more targets in less time, and that is always a good thing.

I have used a couple different pinpointers, and I have to admit that the Garrett Pro-Pointer is one of the best that I’ve used so far. It operates on one 9 volt battery, and the tone gets louder and beeps faster the closer you get to the target.

The Propointer also vibrates, giving you another indicator to let you know that you are closer to the target. Once you are within an inch of the target you will get a constant tone, and vibration.

Why Get A Pinpointer?

  • Recover Targets Faster
  • Narrow Digging Area Before You Dig
  • Locate Targets in Plug or Side of Hole
  • Recover More Targets per Hunt

A good pinpointer is just as important as a good metal detector. I would never hunt without one, although I have when I first started. I went from waving a handful of dirt at a time in front of my coil, averaging around 5 minutes to recover a target, to being able to recover a target in less than a minute with the Garrett Pro-pointer.

At around $100 for a good pinpointer, sticker shock can set in for some new detectorists, but let me honestly tell you that your pinpointer will be the other half of your detector!

Once you have it in your hands and see what it can do in the field, you will surely agree that your pinpointer is one of those items that is worth every penny you spend for it!
Final Thoughts

See this article, and learn how pinpointers can be useful in recovering targets. See the Garrett Pro-pointer in action for yourself and you’ll probably agree that a good pinpointer is a definite must have in your detecting arsenal.

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