When a small coin is worth a million (Super find, + Photos)

When a small coin is worth a million (Super find, + Photos)

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At first glance, it looks like an ordinary coin. 350 years ago, you could maybe use it to dine in a restaurant, sip a good ale, but no more. Now you can more or less buy a whole farm.

This story took place in 2014. The name of the lucky detectorist is John Stoner. Near the village of Kings Klipstoun in Nottinghamshire (England), he found a rare silver coin from the 17th century, which is minted in New England (North America).

The coil was found as usual on normal plowed field. According to the detectorist himself, the coin was found at a depth of 12 cm, the signal was unstable. There is no doubt in this statement, because if we look at these kind of silver coins, they are quite small and very thin. So, my fellow detectorists, in old fields, dig all the signals!

Not being the best at find determination, John posted a photo of the find in a detectorist group on Facebook. And then the comments flooded in. People wrote: “Buddy, you won the lottery!”

The next day he decided to show the coin to a good expert, who was defeated in shock! Needless to say, the state of the rare coin was more or less perfect! Not the slightest trace of scuffs on the front and the reverse side.

On the front side of the coin it reads: NEW ENGLAND. Roman «III» means the value of three pennies. However, the year 1652 is kind of problematic. This type of coin with the year “1652” and an oak tree in the center of the reverse was minted in different years between 1653 and 1682. The exact year of coinage is impossible to figure out.

I do not know exactly for how much this coin was sold, but the forecasts were promising. One of the American coin auctions valued it to about 1 700 000 US dollars!

Good luck to you, my fellow detectorists! I wish you one day to dig out your own jackpot!


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