What Is The Best Metal Detector?

What Is The Best Metal Detector?

What is the best metal detector to use? If you asked twenty detectorists that question, you would probably get 20 different answers!

Most veteran detectorists would probably tell you that the best metal detector depends on what type of environment you will be metal detecting. I would agree with that, but ‘The best’ metal detector is also a subjective point of view.

Recently, I was reminded of that when two friends found Seated Dimes from the 1800’s within the same week. One friend uses an AT Pro, and the other friend swings a Bounty Hunter 2200.

My friend with the Bounty Hunter 2200 has been telling me about a ghost town he knows of that was gone by the early 1930’s. This week he decided to go out there and do some detecting and came back with a few great coins. He found a 1909 Barber Dime, a 1902 Indian Head Penny, a 1929 Buffalo Nickel, several wheat pennies, and an 1866 Seated Dime, all in the same hunt!

I stood there stunned because any one of those coins would have been an amazing hunt for me, and here he goes out with his Bounty Hunter 2200 and does some sampling around and comes back with a palm full of some impressive coins!

He invited me to go out there with him and find more because in his words “You know the best stuff hasn’t even been found yet!” He’s probably right! I told him that I would love to come down and do some swinging there with my AT Pro and offered to let him to use my Fisher F2 on our hunt there.

He seemed puzzled by that offer and said, “Why? when I do just fine with my machine and know what it is telling me?” I said, “Well I just figured that you might want to take advantage of some different technology and give yourself the best chance possible at finding some older coins since the Fisher F2 is a coin magnet.” He appreciated the offer, but in the end he decided that he would stick with his Bounty Hunter 2200. ‘Why change what is working?’

I’ll take the F2 along anyway, I bet it might be able to change his mind if he gives it a try.

But, anyway, it got me to thinking…

It doesn’t matter what detector you use, or what you know about metal detecting. Location matters as much as anything else. Old targets are in old places… Once you get there, you have to know how to interpret what your metal detector is telling you. It is nice to have the latest detector on the market, but even the most expensive metal detectors require that you learn the machine. [clickToTweet tweet=”The best metal detector is the one that you know how to use.” quote=”Sometimes it comes down to just having fun and knowing the machine that you currently have, no matter what brand it is. The best metal detector is the one that you know how to use.” theme=”style6″]

Sometimes we focus too much on the technology we have at our finger tips, and not enough on what really matters in this hobby, Having Fun! Being outside in the fresh air, doing what we love, getting exercise and finding lost treasures… In my opinion, you can’t beat that no matter what you find.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes the best finds are found in the journey and not necessarily in the dirt. Learn the machine you have now, smell the roses along the way, and enjoy the solitude of the hunt. Those good finds will come no matter what detector you use, learn it well and enjoy the journey. Remember, the best metal detector is the one that you know how to use.

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