DETECTING365 Frequently Asked Questions

DETECTING365 Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Detecting365, the new online magazine for metal detecting enthusiasts!  Thank-you for taking time to come check us out.  Here is where we will put some frequently asked questions we are getting!

Why Should I Read This Stuff?

Are you passionate about metal detecting?   If so, then this site was built for you.  We are absolutely crazy about detecting.    Our staff has a combined 50 years experience detecting – and that doesn’t count our contributors!  We eat, drink and sleep metal detecting.  We believe that one of the great things about this hobby is that, no matter how experienced one is, we can always get better.  We study the following aspects of metal detecting like a science in the interest of determining new and innovative ways to find more stuff:  statistics, results, luck, research, public relations, detector settings, and basic fundamentals.

Detecting365 provides interesting and engaging content covering a variety of topics that are integral to successful metal detecting.  We provide advice to those new to detecting to get them finding great stuff as quickly as possible.  We also review popular and new detectors and other equipment, and offer advanced ideas and tips to experienced detectorists in the spirit of fostering continuous improvement.

All of the powerful detecting tips and other information at Detecting365 is provided free of charge.  No subscription or other fees are necessary!  If you find the site useful, please help us by commenting on our posts and liking us on Facebook and/or Twitter. You will notice our affiliate ads on the site and on certain articles. You can reward us by considering a purchase from our advertisers to help offset operating costs, but like we said, all of the educational information here is provided free of cost.

There is So Much Stuff Here.  Where Should I Start?

New to metal detecting or considering taking up the hobby?  Check out our QUICK START GUIDE.

If you are an accomplished detectorists we have plenty for you.  Just pick a subject you are interested in and start reading.  We’re sure you’ll find something here to help you meet your detecting goals for this year.  Our newest content is on the front page.  If you are looking for something in particular, click a category on the top menu, or enter in a search term to find articles on the subject that you are interested in.

I See Too Many References to a Specific Detector Brand.  Are You Loyal to a Specific Model or Brand of Detector?

Though we and our contributors will have our individual preferences of metal detectors that we use, our mission prohibits such bias.   We believe that a detectorist can be successful using just about any decent detector as long as they master it along with learning and improving mental and physical detecting skills, knowledge and concepts.

Any over-mention of a particular brand across articles is likely based on the fact that they are owned and/or preferred by the respective writers.   Want to see a review of a specific detector?   Just ask, or better yet send us one (a review or the actual detector)!

I Don’t Like Something / I Don’t See Something That Should Be Here / I Can Write Better Than You / You Suck
Great!  We’ll hand you over the keys and let you drive this baby!    If you’ve got what it takes, please Apply to Become an Expert or Guest Contributor!

Got an advertising budget?  Sponsor an Article or Product Review, or Advertise with Us.   Then you can push us around!!!

We still don’t get it, do we?    Please Contact Us and let us know how we can improve.

Why is there a racy picture of a chick on one of the stories?  What does that have to do with metal detecting?
You looked, didn’t you?   And that’s my wife you’re talking about there, buddy. 😉

Seriously, though.  This is a magazine.  The pictures just support the story and, outside of product reviews, there are only so many pictures you can show of a metal detector or some guy swinging a metal detector.   So we try to make the pictures interesting – like a magazine.

Can I Get a Hard Copy to Read on the Toilet?

We’re kicking around a quarterly hardcopy or something at some point hardcopy magazines seem to be slowly going the way of the pay phone and the Radio Shack Micronta detectors.   Until then, if you have an iPhone or iPad or equivalent, you can read Detecting365 on those devices while doing your business.

What Else Can I Do Here?

Please comment on our contributor’s posts!  Whether you have something to add, found the article helpful, or disagree with some aspect of the article please engage us and your fellow readers by commenting.

Please like Detecting365 on Facebook or Twitter using the icons on the page.  You can also “like” an individual post using links at the end of each article.   You will help us greatly and also will receive instant notification of new articles in real-time.

We have new articles every day and many exciting things to launch in the next few months, so please bookmark us and come back to see us often.  Detecting365 is compatible with your computer, tablet computer, and your smart phone so you can get to us from anywhere.

You can also apply to be a contributor.  If you are a manufacturer or vendor, please advertise with us.

Final Thoughts
Simply said, we’re committed to helping you, the detector enthusiast, be more efficient in terms of finding more treasure and less trash.  We are not perfect, and we are committed to improving with your input and advice.

If you would like us to cover a particular metal detecting related subject you don’t see on the site or just talk about the site or about detecting, please contact us and let us know about it.  We’ve got people who are supposed to be working sitting here playing Candy Crush and waiting on your message.


We hope you enjoy our site as much as we enjoy providing it to the metal detecting community.

Happy Detecting!!!!

Clark Rickman

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