A Visit From a Civil War Cavalry Soldier: A Ghost Encounter

A Visit From a Civil War Cavalry Soldier: A Ghost Encounter

A few years back I was metal detecting at an old rock foundation I had found in the woods. The foundation is about 4-5 inches off the ground. Basically rocks laid in a square on the ground. I was kicking leaves off of the top of the foundation trying to get an idea of the square area of that structure.

It ended up being about 25 x 25 ft square or a bit bigger, which led me to believe that it may have possibly been a log cabin foundation. As I was detecting, I felt like I was in a daze for a split second and then it dawned on me, I FELT someone standing next to me and said aloud “Is there someone here with me?” and about that time I also smelled a horse… I know the difference in how a horse and cow smell. I asked again, “Is there someone here with me?” Obviously, with no audible answers, but I found it odd that I could smell a horse, as if it was RIGHT next to me. This whole thing lasted about a whole minute to 90 second tops, then the smell was gone and it dawned on me what I suspected had just happened!

Here’s the deal, farm animals are illegal in my city, there are no horses in my city there are no horses in my neighborhood… yet I smelled it without doubt standing next to me. As I was trying to process what the heck just happened, I wondered if I didn’t just get a visit from someone from the past, and I suspected possibly a civil war general on a horse. Where I was next to a creek is a flat area, an area that could be used as a camp. There was civil war activity near here, and all over my county and surrounding counties. By this time my mind was wandering about all of the possibilities of what had just happened. I felt like whatever or whoever it was, it wanted me to know about it’s presence and it made sure I knew.

I shook my head to clear the cob webs and figured on that note, that maybe I should go back home and get some food and something to drink. I told my wife about it, and of course you can imagine how that went, with her saying “uh huh” and probably thinking the heat done got to me, problem was, it was in the winter!

So, the next day my curiosity got the best of me and I just had to go back, I had to figure out if that was all in my mind or if maybe the spirit I had by now figured out had visited me would visit me again? I went back to the same spot I had been the day before and kind of just hung out in the same spot for awhile, hoping for another encounter, so I decided to kick leaves around like I had done the day before in hopes that maybe it would stir up the spirit again, and I kicked something black into the leaves. I was like “What the heck is that?”

I bent down and picked it up and when I did the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I recognized what it was as I am a history buff and love learning about my local history and about days gone by. What I had in my hand had a leather stamped US symbol with an oval around it and I instantly recognized what it was. It is a US Cavalry curry brush, something a cavalry or high ranking officer would have had in his pack to care for his horse!

As I stood there processing all of this I couldn’t believe what I had just found, and I wondered “Did a civil war general come and make his presence known to me?” It would have been something he would do in real life, he would want me to know he’s there he would investigate what I was doing, and he would want me to know that HE is in charge.

I wondered if that was the case, or did I just “happen” to find a brush for a horse with the US symbol stamped into it? I mean with that stamp, I figured it has to be civil war or military issue, doesn’t it?


I can’t confirm or deny that encounter all tied together with the artifact, but I had a tangible item in my hand that substantiated what I had “felt” the day before. I’ve attached a picture of the remains of the brush,so  you can see for yourself the US stamp.

Did I have an encounter with a soldier from days gone by or was it all in my head? You see when something like that is happening, you don’t realize until after it’s over, but it isn’t the first time I have ever “felt” a spirit try to make me aware of it’s presence, so for now I file this as unknown, but the possibility that I had a visit from a ghost of a civil war soldier or general is at the very least interesting to think about, and having something to hold in your hand to corroborate what you “felt and suspected” is pretty darn convincing!

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