Traveling to detect tips

Traveling to detect tips

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I have been on several trips abroad this year and because I am a hardcore treasure hunter, I took my detecting gear with me. 

A couple of months ago my email inbox was full of questions from people who were traveling to Florida to detect after a major hurricane moved along the coastline of Florida.
So here’s a few thoughts about traveling to detect and what to take along for the journey.

Your favorite metal detector

Always take the metal detector you are most comfortable using, traveling to a place you have not searched is not the time to use a back up or situational metal detector. 
For example if you use a VLF metal detector, leave the PI detector at home and maybe vice versa depending what metal detector you use the majority of the time. 
Nothing beats being comfortable and at ease, instead of wishing you had brought your old faithful metal detector with you. 

Search coil selection 

I take the stock coil and an extra larger search coil than I would normally use when traveling to detect. 
Knowing from experience that both of these sizes suit the majority of metal detecting situations I am likely to encounter.
Better to plan big than go small and worry about ground coverage and target depth.


I prefer to take a metal detecting sling or harness when I expect to spend more time than normal metal detecting. 
Spare battery packs are important and so too is a pin-pointer and finds pouch. 
A Travel scoop for beach hunters or a fold up spade for land hunters makes sense, or you can buy a digging tool locally after you arrive.
Two simple and often overlooked things can ruin a trip you have a chance to metal detect on, a broken search coil bolt or arm cuff strap.
Good look trying to find both of these items locally abroad, I carry both of these items in my vehicle whenever I go metal detecting. 

Lastly don’t forget to travel light and layered. You get what you pay for when it comes to outdoor clothing. 
A cheap rain suit after five minutes in the woods, will make you look like you had a run in with a grizzly bear. 
When I know I am likely going to be water hunting, I take a light wet suit, hard soled dive boots and gloves. 
Here’s a short video of a recent land hunt in England and a small medieval hammered silver coin I pulled up using one of my favorite travel accessories. 

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