Detecting365’s Top 10 Most Popular Must Read Articles

Detecting365’s Top 10 Most Popular Must Read Articles

Detecting 365 metal detecting magazine is celebrating our 5th year on the web this month, so in commemoration of our birthday we are sharing 10 of our most popular must read articles!

9 Valuable Coins Found in Pocket Change

There are valuable coins still in circulation that you may or may not know are worth more than face value. In this article we share with you 9 valuable coins found in pocket change that you should be on the lookout for.

12 Secret Metal Detecting Tips

This article shares 12 Secret Metal Detecting Tips that can help you increase your chances of successfully metal detecting in various locations and environments.

Why Metal Detect a Farm Field?

Find out why you should bother to metal detect farm fields and how knowing where to search can help you make some amazing metal detecting finds in Why Metal Detect Farm Fields.

Five Places To Find Scrap Silver

Scrap silver can still be found for under market value if you know where to look for deals. In this article we share with you Five places to find scrap silver.  Buy low and sell high!

Indicators To Look For When Detecting Homesteads

Knowing how to read a particular site is an important skill that can help you know where to metal detect. Learn what Indicators To Look For When Detecting Homesteads and put yourself in position to make some killer metal detecting finds!

Measuring, Identifying and Collecting Dug Civil War Bullets

This is a great article that can teach you how to measure and identify your found civil war bullets.  Learn all about the variations of civil war bullets with links to great resources.

 4 Famous People Who Metal Detect

The rich and famous like to metal detect too, find out which celebrities enjoy metal detecting like the rest of us. You might be surprised to learn the names of these famous metal detectorists!

Review: Radio Shack Micronta 4001 Metal Detector

Many of us start out with a basic metal detector at first, and the Micronta 4001 Metal Detector is a popular choice among new detectorists. Check out our review of the Radio Shack Micronta 4001 Metal Detector.

How To Find Old Homesteads Using Maps

Research is the key to success in metal detecting, and this article explains How To Find Old Homesteads Using Maps. Learn how to find long-gone home sites and other locations by using online map software and over-lays.

What Not To Do When Asking Permission to Detect

Sometimes knowing What Not To Do When Asking Permission to Detect a property can be the difference between getting a yes or a no. Don’t make these rookie mistakes and increase your chances when seeking metal detecting permissions.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of many great articles available here on Detecting 365 digital metal detecting magazine.  Be sure to book mark us, and return often for more great educational articles and videos.

We Thank You for being part of the Detecting365 family of detectorists and appreciate you making us Your Arsenal of Detecting Knowledge.

Here’s to 5 more fun years together! Cheers!

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