Thursday’s D365 Featured Contributor Finds!

Thursday’s D365 Featured Contributor Finds!

Check out these amazing metal detecting finds sent in by Robert Scott found on one Incredible Day of Metal Detecting

Robert says:
It was a hot day. I had been sweating so much I was carrying my weight in sweat. I had been to this permission before and had been successful, but nothing prepared me for what was about to unfold. It was a home built in 1866, so I knew there must be history here waiting to be found.

I had been detecting for about an hour, like I said, it was hot. I had found Indian Head Pennies and wheat cents, some old brass and pewter thing-a-ma-blobs, a lot of iron, some can slaw. The soil was mineralized from all the iron, so I was getting a lot of false signals. I set my detector to compensate, but it was still rough with some high frequency chatter coming from the home security system the landowner had installed.

I was getting tired of digging everything and getting ready to call it when I got a solid 84 on my machine. It was the right tone, so I dropped down dug the plug and rolled out a 1865 2 cent piece. Well, I couldn’t leave now that I had found this. My next target was a mid-tone growl with a high finish- a gilded post war Indiana state volunteer militia button. A little later I got a large 94 signal, dug it- but it was pretty rough and at first, I couldn’t make out the writing, but let out a whoop when I cleaned it up and It was a Silver Knights of St. John Templar Masonic Medal Dated 1873.

By now I was satisfied, so I drifted away from where I had been and started heading for the truck, swinging as I went. On the way, I scored a silver Rosie and then about 40 feet from where I parked I got this lovely sweet high 98. I was walking fast so I had to back up and find it again to be sure I had seen and heard correctly. I dropped, dug a plug and as I pulled the plug I caught a glimpse of silver in the hole.


featurersfindssubI slowly brushed some of the dirt away to see stars, then lovely lady liberty. I normally don’t talk to myself, but I did then. I said “Hot Damn! I just got sat”. Bucket list 1876 Carson City Seated Liberty Quarter. I laughed at myself then looked around to see if perhaps someone was around who might have thought I was crazy, then laughed at myself.

Later at home I was reflecting on the day, how rarely, for some of us, these days come along, unlike any other day. When you feel like luck just came and sat on your shoulder and was your friend for the day. That was my day.

Thanks for reading about my incredible day of metal detecting and finds. Good luck out there on your next hunt!

Robert Scott

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