There is some life left in me

There is some life left in me

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As it is April already, I better write something.

Went out detecting for the first time this year with the club. We elected a small park that not too long ago was a dog-park (a park with a fence where you can let your dog off the leash). It is no longer a dog park however. The park opened in 1940 and some silver was found but not by me.

I hunted with the Tesoro Compadre and managed to find a historical piece of lead. Yes, it was historical darn it!

The most interesting part of my hunt was when concerned citizens from the surrounding neighborhood came around to make sure we were not a gang. Well, the joke is on them because we WERE a gang! Ha! A gang of old farts who somehow managed not to grow up and who dig in the ground looking for shiny stuff. Ha!

The other cool thing was the large group of children who congregated around us. I sure hope one or two of them was bitten by the bug and who knows, in 10 years they may gain membership in our prestigious club.

Even though I only stayed for an hour and a half, it was fun catching up with the guys and hearing their stories. Hopefully, the next post will have pictures of cool shiny stuff.

Thank you for stopping by!

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