The Summer of Seateds

The Summer of Seateds

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No, no, no, I haven’t found a Seated coin yet. I do think however, that by this Summer, I will have found a number of them. Whaaat??!! I hear you say…

I base this prediction on the fact that I took The Bliss out at lunch time to try a technique to gauge depth created by Ahmed Merchev, the designer of the Bliss. The technique worked just as advertised.

I purposely chose a park that is super trashy. In fact, I chose a spot in the park that is trashier than the rest. I wanted to try as many targets as possible to test this method. I located eleven targets that, by following the described technique, I believed were nine inches or deeper. All eleven targets were indeed nine inches or deeper. ten were iron (square nails, cut nails, iron blobs) and one was what appeared to be a piece of cup made of copper.

You may be scoffing  by now about the fact that I dug mostly iron. I am not worried. The one thing I was just giggly about, is that this technique avoids the pesky miniature aluminum that so plagues me when I use the Deus for the same deep targets. I wanted to try this technique at this park especially because I know that there is so much darn shredded aluminum there. I dug none of it with the Bliss today.

So I’m all set for the Summer of Seateds. I have five very old and very trashy parks where very deep and very old targets are to be found. I will happily dig a pound of deep iron if it means I can find a hundred silver and gold old coins.

Stay tuned.

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