The 4k Interactive Book: Part 1: Understanding The Metal Detector.

The 4k Interactive Book: Part 1: Understanding The Metal Detector.

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The 4k interactive Book: Part 1 Understanding the Metal Detector Is the first of 4 videos to be released on this channel, from Gold, Coins, and Treasure Book. (Please note that this version is in 1080p) The tutorial style video book also has the capacity to stop and allow the reader to take time to read the new and original information incorporated within.

This learning style is completely original, entertaining with 30 years practical experience and information on Modern Treasure Hunting. Ultimately this information will enable a beginner to become successful in- 1.Understanding The Metal Detector. 2.Electronic Gold Prospecting. 3.Beach Treasure Hunting. 4.Treasures from historical areas and parks.

In this video the unique abilities of Minelab, Fisher, Garret, and White’s Metal Detectors are revealed,- along with how to reliably find gold items in trashy areas without using the discriminator function (Using the discriminator function to find gold in trashy areas always fails,- and explains why many people find nothing but coins and worthless trash) Goldfinders 4k Movies channel…

Please note that the 4k Interactive Treasure Hunting Video Book: Part 2: Electronic Gold Prospecting,- will be available on this channel soon. Watch this space.

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