“That place is haunted!” and Six Other Wacky Reasons to Not Detect

“That place is haunted!” and Six Other Wacky Reasons to Not Detect

It is extremely easy to sabotage yourself by finding an easy reason to not ask permission, or not hunt a property.  Here are seven of our favorites, and yes,  we’ve been guilty of losing finds due to all of them:

We’ve all detected sites such as old abandoned homes in the woods that give us the absolute creeps, and according to a poll we did a couple years ago, almost half of detectorists have had a weird experience they can’t explain or downright believe they have seen a ghost.   Well I’m here to tell you.  Man Up!   I’ve had some strange experiences, but I’ve never been dragged to hell by a ghoul, never been probed by aliens, and never had my ass kicked by a dead soldier.   So bring some friends, take some beer, and just hunt it (in the daylight of course, and I’m busy that day).

I’m guilty of this all the time.  Drive by a yard with a nice smiling lady standing out in it, and decide that the yard looks built up, is full of feel dirt, or otherwise is unnatural.  What am I, a Civil Engineer???   In my experience, and I hunted well over 200 yards last year, if you are in the right place, the yards that look great often aren’t, and the yards that look bad often are the bomb.

If you are in a very old neighborhood that has produced a lot of relics, in 2016 these yards can be the bomb.  Last year I hunted a small duplex.  The back yard was trashy and I found nothing, and in the one half of the tiny front yard that I could hunt, I dug six silver dimes.   Think of it this way – if the yard is small they lost more stuff in a smaller area.  Or maybe everyone else in the past didn’t hunt it because it was small.

Couple of weeks ago, we were driving around trying to find a final site to hunt, and we drove by this older gentleman in a wheelchair sitting on his porch that looked mean as a rattlesnake.    We waved at him and he didn’t wave back.   One of my hunting partners took the challenge of asking him anyway, and he was about the friendliest property owner ever, even referred us to neighbors and gave us intel.  Point is, you can judge people by a drive-by glance in a vehicle.  You gotta man up and meet this people.  Most people are friendly, even the ones that end up telling you “No.”

When someone honestly tells you that a yard or other site is hunted out, they are just saying that they can no longer find anything there.  What they are really telling you though, is extremely helpful:  that a lot of good stuff has come out of there in the past.  After all, no one would bother to tell you a field that never produced anything in the past is hunted out.  These types of sites are my “bread and butter”!  Work on your technique, be prepared to think outside box, be ready to go after deep and iffy targets, big dig iron and trash, and do the work.   And hunt it – hunt it hard!

I used to avoid rentals, or just give up and walk away when someone told me they were renting.  That’s when I learned something very interesting through studying property records for properties I had hunted in the past.  Over one in four of the properties that I had hunted WERE RENTALS.  The renter just didn’t say so.   Now you certainly don’t want to hunt without the actual property owners permission, but with some work on my approach, I’ve found that I can get permission to hunt almost 3 out of 4 rentals.

In Middle Tennessee, many years ago, many Civil War camps and other areas were hunted hard.   People were digging thousands of dollars of relics, and just wore certain property owners like farmers out.  They were there every weekend, lined up on either side of the road.  And then they often really pissed the property owners off, trespassing and night-hawking after permissions were revoked.  So even years later, you still have property owners with a bad taste in their mouths about the whole thing.

When you are told that someone doesn’t grant permission, I challenge you to “man up” and go give it your best shot anyway.  We are batting over 50% on such properties.  Sometimes the property has changed hands.  Sometime they just like you.  Maybe you catch them on a good day – we caught one property owner on his birthday and he said that we could hunt today if we promised not to come back LOL!

On such sites that have produced monsters, it is totally worth the risk of a “No” to get a “Yes” and save some history!!!

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  1. Fossickr at 10:13 am

    Hahaha. I’m one of those people who HATE asking for permission from property owners. I don’t mind so much at old hotels (especially when I’m a paying guest) but private land owners, that’s what I find hard. But what’s the worst that’s going to happen? They say no. That’s it. Best case scenario – they let you hunt and find something. Sometimes we have to suck it up and make the other person in the car do the asking for us 😉

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