Teknetics T2 or Minelab X-Terra 705? Which professional detector to choose!

Teknetics T2 or Minelab X-Terra 705? Which professional detector to choose!

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Soon the season will start and it’s time to get a professional metal detector to get around all the good places where you had finds last year. Think there is nothing there anymore? In vain. There will be finds, but they will be found by the first people to get there at the start of the season. Every spring I pick up on many places with lot of coins. Every year. Mystic.

In some cases you can even get the T2 cheaper Minelab X-Terra 705. And cheaper doesn’t mean worse.

The Teknetics T2 is a legend. When Teknetics T2 came out, all the other manufacturers quickly began to stir. Because T2 brought into the world a new standard for detectors and then manufacturers began to produce metal detectors that are either completely copied or copied by some individual features, solutions, and performance technologies. The detector is simple to learn and easy too. And like all professionals it accurately identifies finds even at the maximum depth, and the settings allow, in General, to cover all the most necessary features.

Bonuses of the Teknetics T2 and advantage over the Minelab X-Terra 705:


Minelab X-Terra 705 has three frequencies which is good and bad at the same time. There is a variant of three-frequency coils, which for example Nel produces, but included with the X-Terra is one coil and choice of 7.5 kHz or 18.75 kHz. The first frequency is good for war-relics hunting, the second for Antiques, jewelry and coins. So, by purchasing a X-Terra, we anyway will have to buy another coil, whether it is a basic from Minelab to the same frequency, or one from a third party, but more expensive.

The Teknetics T2 already comes with a frequency of 13 kHz, which in itself is the Golden mean for detecting in general.

Water resistance

Did you know that the standard coil from Minelab X-Terra cannot be submerged in water? What if you are digging in wet weather and rain? The coil is not protected. Running the risk of losing a coil will make you buy an extra coil anyway.
The coil to Teknetics T2 can be submerged in water, good news!


Did you know that the working temperature of the Minelab X-Terra ranges from 0C to 45C? That makes winter digging impossible, for example, in the forest.
However, Teknetics T2 can be used at temperatures down to -20C. An important factor that we need to keep in mind when choosing a detector.

I would recommend taking the Teknetics T2 with an extra coil to it. For Example — The Nel Tornado. Get the full professional kit, because the additional coil and the T2 will allow you to have better equipment than many of the other diggers and to gather more finds in the new season.
Technical data on the T2 here.



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