I have been using the Omega 8000 for a few months now. Though I am still learning the ins and outs of this particular machine, I am overall impressed with its depth, functions, and performance. With ground grab and manual ground settings, the Omega 8000 is built to adjust to whatever ground conditions you may come up against. Add the ground adjustment chart, and you are in total control of changing mineral conditions. The three frequency options, allows you to fight back against the pesky EMI, a frustrating and hunt ending enemy of us all.

In discrimination mode, you have four different audio tone settings to choose from. This makes it easier to adjust from your current model to the Omega by giving you the option of a similar tone pattern that you are used to. Other features include, notch, two all metal modes, two headphone jacks, both touch button and knob adjustments, and an easy to read display makes the omega 8000 a detector that gives you all the adaptability you want or need in any situation. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Ground Balance:

The ground grab is a great feature of the Omega 8000. It allows you the ability to choose when and where to adjust your ground balance. In non trashy areas it is easy, just find a metal free spot, and push the ground grab button, while holding the button down pump the coil up and down till you have a smooth sound. In trashy areas however it can be difficult to find an open area. I choose to find a solid shallow target, and then I cut a little larger than usual plug around it. I make sure to get all the metal objects out of the hole. Then I replace the plug and use this clear area to set the ground balance. With the ground balance set properly, your depth, target ID, and recovery will be dead on.


I am as guilty as the next guy when it comes to sensitivity. I always want to crank the juice up and be able to dig lava. This is a bad move; your target area grows with higher sensitivity. This makes the iron ring larger and actually masks your better targets. Remember Teknetics are designed to go deep. With the stock coil, and the sensitivity set at 65, I get solid signals, and dig coin sized objects at 8 inches. When I am relic hunting in fields, I usually run between 70 and 75, and dig objects, such as, bullets, shells, round balls, and buttons as deep as 16 inches with the 11” DD coil. So, no matter what style of hunting you’re doing, the Omega has the sensitivity adjustment to fit your needs.


All metal mode in discrimination:

After I have set my ground balance, the first mode I like to start in is All Metal in the discrimination mode. I do this by turning the right knob until it clicks. I like to run in the D2 tone in this setting. The D2 tone setting is a two-tone mode. The iron bass tone stays the same, while the higher pitched tone varies by the depth of the target. With this set up I get the deepest results in discrimination mode. It also helps in  the separation of targets. This setting works well with the stock or DD coil, in mild to moderate trash areas.

Using Discrimination:

When the area I am detecting is just to noisy from iron and other trash objects, I use the discrimination. I usually set this at 16 to 25, depending on the type of trash in the area. When using discrimination, I like to run in the D4 tone setting. This is a multi tone setting, with the iron bass tone, a mid tone for nickel range targets, and the high tone for penny and higher targets. Though some depth is lost, it is easier to pick out the higher tones through the trash. The iron and foil are muted. I always switch to either True All Metal Mode or All Metal in discrimination once I locate a target, to check if it is a true target. As we know, the iron ring, and surface foil will cause machines to false ID sometimes. Once the target is dug it is easy to go back to the discrimination you were using by just turning the knob.

Coil Selection:

I have three coils for the Omega 8000. The stock 6 by 9 coil, the 11″ DD coil, and the 5″ sharp shooter coil. I use the DD coil in most situations, but am starting to really like the stock coil in more and more areas. Here is a run down of the areas I use the three coils in, and the modes I use them in.

Stock coil: Concentric elliptical coil 9″ by 6″

I tend to use this as my catalyst, I think the ground balance is a little easier and more accurate than with the other two coils, and allows me to find a base sensitivity setting to refer back to. I always carry a small notepad and pen with me to document the settings for each location. It makes setup fast and easy when you change coils and get a little out of sink when adjusting the settings while detecting, C’mon we all do it, lol. I set the discrimination at 16-24 in D4, when starting the day I need the high tone, and the iron silenced to get my ears adjusted. After a while I switch to all metal in discrimination mode, and D2 tone.

11″ DD coil: 

I use this when the ground is trashy, or I know I am going to have to go deep to the targets. It works well in farm areas, and ball fields. When you have a lot of area to cover, or your fast coin shooting, this is the coil to choose. It does false on foil that is on the surface, but after a while you can tell when it is happening. I rarely run this coil over 65 on the sensitivity, for my area, it is just too much power and I over shoot the target.

The separation is awesome, and the depth incomparable. EMI does affect it more than the other two coils, but with the 3 frequency options, and the sensitivity adjustment, the EMI can usually be tamed. Again, even in low sensitivity settings, the depth and ID accuracy is unreal. I usually run in all metal discrimination in D2 tone, occasionally in trash I will discriminate, between 16 and 24, and switch to the D4 tone

5″ shooter coil:

I mainly use this around trees, porches, patios, driveways, and the sidewalk edges. It is a little difficult to get an accurate target ID with, but in the tight areas pre-mentioned it is always difficult. The depth is still really good, and in the Higher EMI locations, the 5″ coil is unaffected. I use this in the discrimination mode, with the D4 tone, in elevated trash areas, I will run all metal, in D4 tone.

Concerns and wish list:

The 2 earphone jacks are uncovered, one or both is always open. Could be a potential problem with the dirt or moisture being able to get in.

I wish it had an LED lighted screen.

I would have like to seen an automatic update on the ground balance.

EMI affects it more than I like.

Manual needs rewritten

No volume control


The depth is incredible

tone options are very helpful

very accurate target and depth ID

light weight

the price is amazing for the functions it offers

adapts to most ground conditions

three frequency settings


Final Thought

With your ground balance and sensitivity adjusted to the specific area you are hunting, there is no doubt that the Omega 8000 will find you the treasures you are looking for. The price is amazing for the features it has, and its lightweight design ensures you can swing longer. While your buddies are sitting on the side lines rubbing their shoulders, you will be grabbing the goods.

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  1. Bob McCarthy at 1:03 pm

    Hey KD. Really like the review. Thorough and yet easy to read and understand. Hope I can get out your way sometime and maybe swing the 8000 for a while and try it for myself. Grats on your first Barber dime and finding the ladies ring. Best of luck and say howdy howdy to Little Digger.

  2. Nigel Westwood at 1:58 am

    here in uk @70% of serious detectorists own a deus . i hate following the pack,so have been trying to find machines that will do everything the deus does but via three /four machines . tried g2 ,gf2(t2 clone ),and now brought a 4 month old omega 8000. Only thing missing in my arsenal is a beach machine .with buying extra coils for each machine i,m upto £1000 now . so i do wonder if i,m doing right thing or should i just follow the crowd for once .must say it was a joy watching 70-80 year old couples yesterday hunting all day with deus’s together . that would have been impossible a decade ago without hipmont options on top machines . yesterday i didnt find half what the deus’s did but i guess i was only seeing the lucky ones finds .

  3. Peter67 at 12:53 am

    Just love the Omega 8000. It’s like a vacume cleaner, it takes everything. I have a small forrest in my neighberhood, hunted it maybe 50 times with my Ace 250 and tought it was empty because i couldn’t find anything anymore. Then i went out with the Omega, WOW. Incredible what stuff it still found. The Omega not only goes much deeper, it’s also a lot more sensitive and gives good signals at 9 a 11″ . I found a lot of stuff in depth’s that the Ace 250 normaly must have seen but didn’t. I recently bought the Detech Ultimate 13″ coil and this made my already good detector in a beast. The Omega is a keeper for sure! .

  4. Ted at 7:36 am

    Thanks for the review. I’ve been trying to decide between the Omega 8000 and G2. I was considering at the low end of my price range the Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro and at the high end the Minelabs e-terra 705. But form reading the reviews like yours I think it is the Omega. Build quality is better than the BH and easier to use than the minelabs without sacrificing sensitivity or depth

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