Don’t Talk Yourself Out of Detecting a Golden Site!

Don’t Talk Yourself Out of Detecting a Golden Site!

This year I’m always after new permission to detect private property.  I rarely hunt a property twice unless it is really productive.   A certain percentage of yards are hunted or otherwise non-productive, so I keep moving forward to connect the dots between incredible sites, grinding it out with a couple of bullets here and a couple of silver coins there, and sometimes hitting sites that don’t produce anything.

One thing I am extremely guilty of is judging a site based on what I see and what I hear.    The ground doesn’t look good.  Someone tells me the site is hunted out.   The yard is small.    It’s probably too trashy.   I didn’t find anything in two yards nearby.  This poor thinking has burned me more than once in the past.  I’m getting better, but I still pass up opportunities all the time.

Several months ago,through networking, I met a lady and learned that she lived on the battlefield in Franklin.    I asked to hunt her yard.   She said sure but warned me that it had been hunted several times before.   A couple of weeks later I drove by and saw it was a small front yard and the house had no backyard at all.  A very small piece of property.   So I went and hunted elsewhere and almost forgot about this property until Friday.

Friday I was working and before dark I was just dying to detect.  I racked my brain and decided to knock on a certain door.   No one answered.   Driving away, I drove by the aforementioned ladies small yard.  It’s getting dark.    I’ve got limited options here, so I decide to detect it.

My first hole was my first Iron Stirrup.  It is a blacksmith made common civilian type, but the type is often found on Confederate saddles.  This one was found in the midst of a bunch of bullets and other Civil War relics so we’ll give it the benefit of the doubt.  It was standing upright under the ground like someone had sat it down and buried it.    

I hunted the yard for about an hour and a half.  Heavy iron.  I dug 6 bullets including 4 Williams Cleaners, and several Burnside and Maynard Cartridge casings.  I also dug a common plain bridle rosette and a mercury dime.

Photo Jun 12, 7 06 12 PM

Now here is a site I only ended up hunting as a last resort.  Small yard.   Supposedly hunted before.  Makes me wonder how many sites in the past I have passed up that would have produced wonders!    Now  of course we have to make educated decisions to try to choose which sites to hunt and ask permission for, but this just goes to show that the lousy looking property may be golden because in the past every other detector also thought it was lousy looking.   It also tells me not to listen to the old “It’s been hunted before” line that we always here.   I’d rather not know and find out for myself.

Good luck out there!

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