Supplemental Detecting Find Collections

Supplemental Detecting Find Collections

We all find lots of items while detecting may not really be what we are looking for.    Why not collect and display some of these?

Pet Vaccination “Rabies” Tags
I was detecting this past weekend in Nashville with Bill, a veteran detectorist whose detecting career has spanned several decades and at least three continents.    I recovered a metal pet rabies tag and remarked to him that finding them for some reason always depresses me.  Bill told me that he collects them, and his goal was to find one from every year.   Later he showed me all the tags he’d found over the years, quite an impressive collection dating back to the 1920s.    

Bill also has an astonishing collection of marbles he had happened to find while detecting over the years, so many that I was shocked to find that my assumption that he had picked them up at flea markets and such over the years was false.    Vintage marbles are highly collectible and can be quite valuable.   I pick them up all the time at construction sites and sometimes they just happen to be in a hole I have dug to recover another artifact.

Hood Ornaments
I seem to average approximately one vintage car hood ornament per month.    Yesterday in a creek I found a Triumph TR-6 ornament.    I thrown these in my “junk trunk” in the garage – things I don’t really care about but cannot make myself throw away.    I’m going to clean some of these and mount them on a piece of wood to make a very cool display.

Indian Artifacts
I find arrowheads, hide scrapers, and other Indian artifacts just by virtue of the fact that I happen to be looking down at the ground while detecting.  I’ve assembled a cool collection and have a special display case for these.

Toy Cars
If you hunt yards, I bet you dig at least one matchbox or other toy car per hunt.  Every single yard seems to have at least one.    One yard I hunted in September produced over 50.   They ring on the detector like they are going to be an excellent find, and generally bring disappointment.     I like the very old ones.    

Final Thoughts
Detecting is a tough hobby.  We can reduce the number of items we call junk by realizing their value, collecting, and/or displaying them.  This also reduces our chances of not getting totally skunked out in the field!

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