Some coins from pasture and a new tripod.

Some coins from pasture and a new tripod.

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Hi all, I got out metal detecting this morning for a few hours and managed to get chance to use my new tripod for filming purposes.

Up to now I have been filming my detecting by hand and tobbe honest the videos have been quite shakey which I know can be annoying.

I hit my usual pasture permission with the Makro Racer with the settings if three tones, gain 95, id filter 25 and a good ground balance. The land is pretty clean so these settings do really well.

To be honest I dug a fair few bits of scrap but there were some coins amongst the rubbish which is always a welcome treat.

I hope you all enjoy the video which unfortunately I forgot to upload in hi res HD 🙁
Let me know if you prefer the tripod approach or if the hand filmed videos are better, and don’t forget to subscribe haha 🙂

The video link

Happy hunting all

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