Are You Snowed In? A Fun Metal Detector Game

Are You Snowed In? A Fun Metal Detector Game

For those of you that are snowed in, Detecting365 has found a fun way to not only beat the winter blues but also give you something that you can do to keep your detecting skills sharp.

Metal Detector Game is a simulation style game. It allows you to choose your metal detector and play three levels as you scan the terrain with your coil in search of good targets mixed in with the junk targets.

The object of the game is to find the good targets while gaining points and leave the rest in an effort not to lose points.

Think you can find more good targets than the other guys around the world?

Click Here to Play Metal Detector Game and start finding those gold rings now.

Choose your language, Choose your metal detector and start swinging!

When you hear a good signal, left-click with your mouse to retrieve the target.

Play and Detect for Three Rounds.

High scores are kept so you can continually challenge yourself while you practice listening to the tones of the detector.

Note: Some browsers will need to be zoomed out some….


🙂 This is a pretty good metal detecting simulation game!


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Metal Detector Game

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