Silver Quarter & Rings found Metal Detecting

Silver Quarter & Rings found Metal Detecting

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You know what they say, no one gets it all, so you have to go back to spots that you’ve previously detected.  That’s what I have done a few times recently.  Over the years I’ve learned new metal detecting techniques, and have been going back to spots that I suspect still have good targets to find.

On one recent hunt, while using my Minelab CTX 3030 this little junker ring sounded good enough to dig.  It’s tiny and plated, but it fits my 7 yr old daughter, so she likes it, a win win for me haha.

I don’t remember the numbers, but it was a high tone and not very deep.  A cool find on an otherwise average hunt.  I was happy to see it in the plug

A couple of years back I detected at a spot and found more than a few silver coins there.

I am purposely being vague about the particular spot, but, I did find multiple silvers there on a couple of  occasions.  So, I decided to go back there with my 3030 and see if it could sniff out more silver.  On the opposite side of where I had found silver previously, I was able to find this 1952 Washington quarter in with a beaver tail tab.

It was a mixed tone but I was fairly certain a coin was under the coil, and there was.

I have a plan of attack for that spot in the coming weeks…

I decided to go back to another previously detected spot where I found the 1947 Walking Liberty Half Dollar recently and try my luck again.

While wading through all of the junk targets an interesting tone caught my attention.  Just a few inches down I saw this ring.


It has an interesting setting and definitely sparkles in the light, but alas it’s just a junker.

Oh well, it does prove one thing though, there are still good finds to be made in that field.  This plated ring could have just as easily been gold.  Maybe next time…

It just goes to show ya that no one gets it all and you can still find the goodies at your previously detected spots, so go back and see what you missed…you may be surprised!


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