Rivers and Lakes

Rivers and Lakes

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First things first.

I really want to talk about the new record, but before I do (in the next post), I am going to do a quick recap of recent finds and doings.

Because I haven’t posted since SEPTEMBER.
And because I found a couple of really special things.

Sometime in October, I discovered a little-known park along the Cumberland and explored it a few times.

There’s a cool, old boarded-up house still standing off to the side but I didn’t find much.

Found this…

Here’s my best find:

Copper and meerschaum. Or however you spell that.


Posted on a vintage pipe website, but no one had any info on it.

Then, a friend had posted on FB about a “deserted” beach on the Cumberland, not far from me. So I nagged all my friends and my buddy Jeff Thorneycroft took me kayaking so we could MD the beach.

 Lots of bullets, but none very old, I don’t think. Except for the musketball…

Another bullet Stonehenge.
Jeff dug this old hook, probably from a riverboat.

Needless to say, I must obtain a kayak.

One weekend, I drove east trying to find a field Doug took us to a couple of years back. Never found it, but I got up the courage to ask a man if I could dig his property. The result?
I didn’t find anything that day, but returned the next day with my friend, M.J. We failed miserably at finding anything other than part of old hoes. Not even a freekin’ horseshoe! But we had fun anyway. 
M.J., trying to look enthusiastic about not
finding anything while trying to avoid snakes.
In early November, I returned to northern Michigan to attend Lamb’s Retreat – a fabulous songwriting getaway. Didn’t have much spare time, as I was busy writing a song about a piece of religious statuary, but I made it down to my beautiful Lake Michigan a few times…
 … and at the very last minute – right before I had to leave – pulled this out of the sand during a snowstorm. As long as I’ve been doing this, and as many cool things as I’ve found, I just never get used to it.

Pre-electric soup. 
Post-electric soup. This is a personal pistol, probably
1830-1850, probably European.
Right before Thanksgiving, I went over to Kathy Hussey’s house to sweep her back yard before they begin building an addition. Found this sweet thang but nothing else of note.

Beep. Beep beep.
Undeterred, I hit a nearby park. I was by myself; it was a gray, deepening dusk.

As usual for this park, all I got was pennies, pulltabs and bottle caps – and plenty of’em. I remember sighing and saying, “Hmm. Sure has been a long time since I’ve dug any SILVER. How ‘bout it?”

Not one minute later, this:

Then – I kid you not – a white dove flew over my head.  I had to sit down.
Ok. Now I can write about the record…

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