Reviewing the Fisher F22! (Tips, Photos+)

Reviewing the Fisher F22! (Tips, Photos+)

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The metal detector Fisher F22 is a welcome detector released in 2015. This detector is easy to use for both beginners & experts. Because the F22 has no complicated settings and adjustments, it is a simple, functional, quality and affordable metal detector.

Of course, the Chinese metal detectors have some quality to them too, but the American detectors have a long history and has rightfully earned the trust of hundreds of thousands of treasure hunters around the world.


Innovations in the Fisher F22

The Fisher F22 is the first detector that has all weather protection. What is this protection? The engineers at Fisher research labs has hydro-isolated the control unit of the detector.

Now, in the electronic components of the device the dust will not settle and it will not get wet. Other metal detectors will eventually have the problems associated with contact with dust, dirt and moisture. But having a sealed housing, these problems can be avoided, which undoubtedly will extend the life of the detector several times.

Another innovation Fisher F22 has been used to power the metal detector is the solution to use two compact, affordable batteries of the type AA. Low current consumption has made it possible through the use of the scheme of the detector to have new, more energy efficient, electronic components.



Two alkaline batteries and the detector can work up to 30 hours. Such a long time cannot be achieved by many metal detectors famous companies.

The Fisher F22 with all its capabilities can surprise even an experienced digger.


The Rod

The Fisher F22 has the traditional S-shaped “skeleton”, which consists of three parts.

At the bottom of the post comfortable and durable plastic bolt you attach the search coil. On the Mounting location there are O-rings that protect against wear of the plastic elements.



The bottom rod itself is made from a durable carbon fiber that will not break even under heavy pressure.

The middle part is made of durable and lightweight alloy, where one side of the clamping nut is installed. Along the tube there is made 9 adjusting holes, which will help adjust the length of the detector for a specific height of the operator.

The upper curved rod carries a locking nut and a good fastened control unit, a soft handle and a comfortable armrest.

To first assemble it the F22 will need a screwdriver. With it you will have to fasten the electronic unit and the armrest.



On the lower rod, there are three parts to set together using the spring buttons and plastic clips. It is important to set a comfortable length of the detector.

The coil wire should be tightly wrapped on the rod and a connector connected to the socket on the unit. Remember to use the included “Velcro”.

And at last: put in the batteries, then it is ready to go detecting.


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Control unit.

The electronic unit of the American metal detector Fisher F22 is equipped with a large LCD display. Everything is clearly visible and you do not need any time for looking at any index.

In the Central part of the screen a large two-digit number is displayed. It shows you the found metal object (VDI). This often helps to distinguish trash from any valuable finds.

The numbers above the VDI, the entire width of the display is a 9-segment discriminator. Disabling one or the other segment of the detection you can configure the detector on the detection of specific objectives.

In the left part of the screen is a menu where you can adjust search parameters and configure the discriminator. Near the menu list there are two indicators: depth and batteries.



Knowing how much battery you have left; the search will not stop suddenly due to a dead power supply.

Fisher F22 has 4 pre-set programs which are displayed on the right side of the display.

Under the LCD display there are 6 control buttons. The On/Off button, MODE – select the search program, PP – activate the mode of accurate detection of the target, MENU – move the menu list. The plus and minus buttons are for adjusting.

On the right part of the electronic unit there is a sealed compartment for batteries. On the opposite end, there is a 3.5 mm headphone Jack. It is tightly closed with a rubber stopper that prevents the ingress of moisture and dust.


On the back of the unit is a waterproof speaker and the connector of the search coil.


The search coil.

The Fisher F22 scans the soil with a frequency of 7.69 kHz with a 9-inch coil. F22 is the world’s first production of a metal detector which has a coil shape of an egg. The scanning beam of this shape will allow us to find valuable items even in high trash areas.



The search coil does not have the classic removable protection. But despite this, the fill is protected in an original way. Undoubtedly, this will increase the longevity of the coil.

The wire is soft – it will not lose its elasticity even in the cold season.

But the Fisher F22 is not restricted to only one 9-inch coil. This detector can fit coils in the regular gauge from F11 and F44. In addition, NEL and MARS MD have a whole series of coils for the Fisher F22.



The above metal detector Fisher F22 has all the things that can make it competitive in its price category. It is equipped with advanced technologies that make detecting for coins, ancient artifacts and other valuables easier and more comfortable. It will take some time, but you can already find photos of treasures, gold jewelry, ancient rarities found by Fisher F22.


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