Review: Sun Ray Stealth X-5 Coil

Review: Sun Ray Stealth X-5 Coil

The Sun Ray Stealth X-5 coil is a 5.5″ diameter “sniper” coil for the MineLab E-Trac, Explorer series, and the Safari Quattro.    I have owned my X-5 for about 18 months and easily have over 200 hours with it on the e-Trac.  I mostly use it for heavy trash and nail beds, when I need a small “sniper coil”.  I am absolutely crazy about this coil.   I use it in shallow water for creek hunting.   I’ll often use it with no reservations to hunt a small yard of an older house.  Because it gets great depth, the small diameter of the coil forces me to hunt the yard slowly and thoroughly.

I have pulled so many impossible-to-get-to targets out of trash with the X-5 it is not even funny.  I’ll share one story that sticks out to me:   About six months ago, I hunted an old school ground that had been heavily hunted.  In the area where I was told the students used to gather in front of the long-gone cafeteria, I found 3 deep silver dimes – 1 rosy and 2 mercs – all within a single square foot area amidst dense pulltabs and other trash that would make Oscar the Grouch blush.  I could position the X-5 just right and see and hear the silver where the stock coil wouldn’t have had a chance.  I couldn’t even do the “silver wiggle” with the e-Trac.

Size and Weight
At 5.5″, the X-5 has a slightly larger footprint than some of the smaller 4.5 – 5″ coils used for the same purpose.   It only weights 10 ounces, though and is a welcome relief over my heavier stock and 15″ ultimate coils on the e-Trac.  93/100

I used to have a false belief that a coil could reach no deeper than its diameter.   I don’t know where I got that but it is simply not true.  I used the X-5 for 40-50 hours before I would even acknowledge how deep it hit.    After hitting a deep silver dime with it during a hunt, I took it out to the test garden to verify.  It hits targets at 8 and 10″ clearly.  It is a great, deep coil.  100/100

Target Separation
The X-5 “clicks” across multiple targets easily.   Like I did with the trash masking the silver dimes, it just seems to focus on the target under the center of the coil.     Also, if you’ve never used a small coil, you will love how much easier pinpointing is.  The coil is so small that usually you don’t have to pinpoint at all. 100/100

The X-5 must be made out of some compound salvaged from Area 51 or something.  It is clearly some hardcore ABS plastic or something.   I’ve banged and abused this thing all over eternity.   It is waterproof and great for creek hunting.   The label did come off of it eventually but so what?   97/100

The stealth X-5 coil runs about $200 bucks.   This seems a little high in comparison to several other small coils, but the X-5 is extremely well made and is clearly superior to other small coils I have used.   As a result,  I think it is well worth the price.   85/100

Final Thoughts
The Sun Ray Stealth X-5 is a well-made small coil for the e-Trac and many other Minelab detectors.  It gets excellent and unexpected depth, and is especially lethal in nail beds and heavy trash.   We scored it an easy 95 points with no reservations.  If you are looking for a great small coil for your MineLab, go ahead and get this one.  You won’t second-guess it.

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