Review: RNB ML-2900 Lithium-Ion Battery For e-Trac

Review: RNB ML-2900 Lithium-Ion Battery For e-Trac

One thing I am not good at is keeping my batteries charged.    When I get to hunt, I hunt hard.  Usually I am beat and it is dark when I get home.   I rarely even get my e-Trac out of the truck, much less take the battery out and take it inside to put it on the charger.     After all, my e-Trac came with two battery packs  – the rechargeable one, and one that you can put eight AAs in.   So I exhaust the rechargeable over a couple of hunts, and switch to the AAs.   I used to buy big packs of Energizer AAs on Amazon and go through them as well.  My truck would be scattered with dead AAs.   I’d charge the rechargeable pack when I got around to it.

When I get to a site to hunt I want to start hunting as quickly as possible and don’t need any distractions.  Having to change out the battery, or worse, change out the AAs in the battery pack is a big inconvenience.   

Inevitably, I’d end up hunting with my last AAs and watching that single bar left on the battery indicator, praying the e-Trac doesn’t die.   This happened a ridiculous number of times considering I had two battery packs.  The noise the e-Trac makes when the battery dies to me sounds just like a sound played on TV when someone loses a game show.   I certainly deserve it, but it is very disheartening, and if you don’t have a charged backup or extra AAs, you are dead in the water.

That was all before I purchased an ML-2900 battery by RNB Innovations.  I picked up mine off of e-Bay a little over a year ago.   It charges in about 2 hours or less, and the battery doesn’t drain if the detector sits up for a while.   It is well built, fits in the e-Trac perfectly, and is differentiated from my standard black and yellow e-Trac packs with a cool black and red color scheme.

Note to MineLab:  It would be cool if you made the tabs on your rechargeable and the AA battery packs different colors – I’ve picked up the wrong one out of my bag several times when I was in a hurry.    Yellow and blue would be cool!

I no longer worry about battery life on the e-Trac at all.   I can hunt at least ten or more  3-4 hour hunts on a single charge.  It just seems to last forever.  I keep my standard rechargeable as a backup now, and don’t have the expense or worry of the AAs at all.     I charge both batteries “when I get around to it”, and still have not even came close to running out of power in the field again.

The ML-2900 runs about $129 on e-Bay and comes with a wall-charger.   An add-on car charger is also available for about 40 bucks. The ML-2900 will also run on many other MineLab detectors – not just the e-Trac!     I’ve easily paid for the cost of mine in AAs that I haven’t bought over the last year.

Final Thoughts
I believe in continuously improving and upgrading every aspect of my detecting equipment.  Little things make big things happen, and I can confidently say that the RNB ML-2900 battery has eliminated my battery issues with the e-Trac.  If you are looking to replace a MineLab battery,  or would like to have long-lasting power you can always count on, then get an ML-2900.  

Now if I can just get my wife to quit unplugging and moving my chargers around where I can’t find them!!!!

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