Review Of The Metal Detector Makro Racer 2, Part 1. (Unboxing, First impressions+)

Review Of The Metal Detector Makro Racer 2, Part 1. (Unboxing, First impressions+)

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It is easy to find a lot of information about metal detectors in the professional level: articles, discussion forums, videos, reviews and so on. To write something new and interesting about these detectors, to me, seemed unreal. Therefore, I have tried to talk more about the beginner detectors on the pages of my blog. Recently, thanks to kind people, I was able to take a full test on one of the metal detectors in a professional level – the Makro Racer 2. I wonder how this detector of this top class differs from the average level detector, and what impressions it leaves. How many questions! All I will try to give you some answers. Sit back – read – ask questions in the comments.

Part 1

The packaging and the first Assembly of the detector

The Makro Racer 2 is Packed in a small glossy box with a standard (in most cases) label.

What we liked: the box has a comfortable handle for carrying. The very same cardboard box is reliable, and the detector it is Packed evenly and firmly.
How to unbox and first assemble it I will not talk about, as there is a nice video of the process. Look!

Undoubtedly, I was immediately pleased by the basic Racer 2 – good headphones with an adapter, spare batteries, and two sets of fastening of the coil.

But when I opened the battery compartment I was really surprised because I didn’t expect that the battery was initially inserted. That makes the Macro Racer 2, immediately after its purchase, ready for detecting! The main thing is not to forget a shovel.

Just got the detector out of the box, and I was surprised many times. The Turks are good fellows.

Structural features

The racer 2 is assembled very easily. Everything fits perfectly.

In hand the detector fells convenient. The armrest is large and is initially in the desired position – not regulated. Beneath you can regulate the power of the detector and the speaker.

At the end of the unit you can find the volume control / on / off switch and 6.3 mm Jack for headphones that are closed with a rubber stopper.

Many people immediately recommend putting a rain cover on this block, but since all process slots are parallel to the ground, I do not think that a grain of sand or blade of grass is going to stay

This is the only part I would not want to get dirty, so I’ll have to buy a cover. The Racer needs two covers: one for the control unit and one for the arm support.

The handle at the is very convenient, the screen big and the sun does not reflect from it.

The racer has 4 buttons and a two-stage trigger.
At the back side of the block the developers of the Racer 2 put a led flashlight.

For me, this option is very good, as I often dig after sunset.
The 11-inch coil is good, as expected with a protection of the bottom part.

The bolt is also very convenient, it has kind of a lever on it. You can tighten it with just one finger during detecting!

The professional metal detector Macro Racer 2 metal detector left the most positive first impression on me. I liked this Turkish detector, whose high class you will feel with the first sweep of the coil.

Part 2 of the review of this detector will come soon!


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