MCR Ninjas: Our Favorite Detecting Gloves

MCR Ninjas: Our Favorite Detecting Gloves

Why am I writing a review about gloves?   Because gloves are a critical part of my equipment, just like a bowling glove is to a bowler, or a batting glove is to a baseball player.   My gloves protect my hands from poison ivy, fire ants, glass, rusty sharp objects, and from getting filthy.  I am as selective about my gloves as I am about my detector, my headphones, my insect repellent, my pinpointer, and my digging tools.

I didn’t wear gloves for the longest time and my hands were constantly very dirty.  My fingernails were impossible to clean.  I was constantly getting bad poison ivy on almost every hunt.   I had tried to wear gloves, but they were always too hot and too restrictive and I just wouldn’t wear them.   Then a few years ago, a friend of mine who doesn’t detect  saw the horrible rashes on my hands from poison ivy and gave me a pair of G-Tek work gloves.  They were thin and light.  Though they didn’t last very long, they were relatively cheap and available in packs of several pair.

After a while I decided to try some different gloves.  I wanted something that came up a little higher on my wrists, as I was still getting some poison ivy where the gloves ended cover.  I also wanted something just a little thicker so that they will last longer and provide a little better protection against cuts.  I hadn’t been cut with the G-Tek gloves on, but they had been split wide open by glass and sharp tin and such very easily.  Also, when I dig heavily with my Lesche digger, I wanted them to protect the center of my hand from abrasions from the digger.


My criteria for good gloves that are useful for metal detecting are:
–  They must not be restrictive or hot and sweaty.  They should actually feel good to have on.
–  They must be thin enough to allow you to feel objects in holes, but thick enough to provide reasonable protection against cuts and last a reasonably long time
–  They must cover the wrists well and have good grip

I tried several brands and settled on the MCR Safety Ninja gloves.  They are absolutely perfect – the best gloves you can have for detecting in my opinion.  I use two different designs.   The Ninja X, which are black, and the Ninja Flex, which are red.    They also have a third design that are blue.   I have not tried them yet.

Both pair are covered with a protective coating on the palm side for protection, but are not on the top of the hand.  This makes them breathable and increases the flexibility of the glove as well as the comfort.

Ninja X (The Black Ones)
The black Ninja X are my favorite detecting gloves for general conditions.  They are 15 gauge nylon and are coated with a bi-polymer on the palm side.   They grip the detector great.  They come up well above the wrist and feel great – like spandex.  I can feel objects down in the hole with my fingers during recovery very well.  I can dig with them.  Tie my shoes with them.   Click here for Medium  Large   on Amazon.


Ninja Flex (The Red Ones)
I wear the Ninja Flex in cooler weather and also when it is wet or I know I am going to be digging in mud.  (Or when I misplace my X’s.)   Even though both gloves say they are 15 gauge, the Flex feel thicker and sturdier than the Ninja X and have a heavier gray latex coating on the hands.   They have all of the same features and protection of the Ninja X.  The red color is cool too.  You kind of feel like Spider Man with them on.  Heck you may even turn some ladies heads in a good way – I don’t know.

Link to Medium Size

Link to Large Size   XL

Another incredible thing about both of these gloves is they are not one size fits all.  They are available in small, medium, large and extra-large.  I have rather large hands.  I could probably wear an XL, but  I like the gloves to fit tightly and snugly so I opt for the large size.


I hunt a lot.  These gloves last me about six months per pair.   They are inexpensive enough to keep several backup pairs in the bullpen.

Final Thoughts
If you don’t wear gloves, are not satisfied with the ones you have, or just want to try something new I highly recommend you get a pair of these and try them out.  I think you’ll be glad you did.

You can click on the photos in this article to view pricing and order them from Amazon with free two-day shipping if you have Amazon Prime, or free Super Saver Shipping if you buy $25 worth of stuff.

Please contact me and tell me about your experience if you try them!

Best of luck on your next hunt!!!

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All the cool photos in this article were taken by our staff photographer,  Jessica Arnold.   All Rights Reserved by Detecting365.

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