Recommended Knee Pads for Metal Detecting

Recommended Knee Pads for Metal Detecting

Knee pads are key equipment for a couple of reasons.  The obvious one is to protect our knees, especially as we get older.   Here in the often-rocky Middle Tennessee terrain, dropping you knee onto a sharp stone can be more than painful.

The primary reason I wear knee pads, however, is to protect my pants from grass and dirt stains.   No I’m not a laundry freak.  If I need to knock on another door and get permission, I don’t want to look like a bum.  So that’s how they help me with permission!  Taking one for the team not required.

I’ve tried several different knee pads before I settled on some I really like.   I like knee pads that have straps that release so I can easily put them on and off without having to slide them over my foot.    I also like a soft “tactical” look over many of the blocky ones used by construction workers laying tile and carpet.  Finally, I prefer them to be black so they don’t show stains and wear, and don’t draw too much attention when a property owner decides to check on me.

I also of course like them to be durable, comfortable, and actually protect my knees.


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These are the Damascus DNKPB Imperial Knee Pads with Reinforced Non-Slip Trion X-Caps.     The knee pads with the ridiculous title.   They are around $25 shipped on Amazon.  I’ve been using these over a year, and they are as good as new.

They have velcro straps in the back to put them on and take them off quickly.    They feel good.  They have a great tactical look and are tall enough that they don’t slide off your knee.  Also available in Green.

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