Real shallow water hunting

Real shallow water hunting

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Carl in south Africa asks if it is worth jewelry hunting in really shallow water, from knee to ankle deep. 
This superb two tone 18K gold Mariners cross with diamonds should answer that question.

The heavy gold pendant was found in shin deep water at a tourist beach, I kind of figured the full time water hunters would not detect the very shallow water. 
It was recovered during the intense Florida summer, when many water hunters into the navy seal look have to stay out in deep water or burn up. 
Another case of using the correct equipment which turned out to be T shirt, swim shorts and a damn good discriminating VLF metal detector.
If I chose to wear a full wet suit with a weight belt and snorkel and mask, I would probably not have waded into the area. 
Sometimes very shallow water can be very productive, because it is often overlooked at low tide when most water hunters go metal detecting. 
Just like beach hunting, I never give a monkeys uncle what the tide times are. Instead I go to the beach and search whatever is put in front of me. 
The out dated method of going to the beach two hours before low tide and working the low tide out, may have been a good idea before beach and water hunting became popular, but not now. 
Some of my best water hunting finds have been recovered because I was in the right place at the right time, and because I never have to search in a certain depth of water.
At heavily hunted beaches, you want to be the person doing things differently to the detecting crowd.
If that means wading in less searched knee to ankle deep water, go for it! 

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  1. Lawrence Gladsden at 5:36 am

    The shallow water is the most heavily hunted at my fav beach right to the ledge. Also the trashiest which is why good targets get overlooked no one…but Gary… catches all of them. But Gary doesnt hunt my fav beach. Thx, Gary.

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