Review: DetectorPro Rattler Headphones

Review: DetectorPro Rattler Headphones

Literally last night right before dark, I was detecting for Civil War relics in what is now a cow pasture right outside of town.    As I crouched down making a recovery, I was charged from directly behind me by a really big white cow, whose calf apparently had wandered to close to me.    I didn’t know they did that.    As I heard the heavy thundering behind right behind me, I dove over my detector and shovel and scrambled on my hands and knees to a nearby creek, spraining my left thumb severely in the process.   I’d like to send a shout out to DetecterPro and their Rattler single headphone.  Without it I might not have heard the cow charging until it was too late, in which case I’d likely be writing from a hospital bed right now.

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Mad Cow Attack Not Included

I literally barely escaped.   The cow stood over my detector and made “mad cow” noises at me.    I wasn’t going to embarrass myself by going and asking the landowner to retrieve my detector for me, but the cow wasn’t backing down and it was getting dark.    I finally backed it off enough to get my detector, shovel and hat by hurling Osage Oranges at it and yelling and waving my hands like a crazy person.   So here I am with my sprained thumb, a genuine metal detecting injury.   I am listed as questionable on Sunday if I am on your Fantasy Detecting Team.

So anyway, it made sense to me that I write a review of my Rattler today.

I used to go without headphones.  I just couldn’t wear them.   As my skills improved, however, I realized that I needed headphones to hear really faint signals, distinctions, and nuances like tiny chirps while detecting in iron.

I tried a couple of different headphones.  They were fine, but I was just not comfortable.   I need to be able to hear my surroundings, hear my phone ringing in the truck, hear someone (or something) walking up behind me.    That’s when I found the Rattler.

Awareness of Surroundings
Something that may be lost to someone browsing headphones is that the Rattler headphone isn’t just about snakes.    We don’t have snakes around here so I don’t need ’em.   I imagine rattlesnakes are just the scariest example that DetectorPro could think of (except for maybe cows).  Sure the Rattler is great in rattlesnake infested areas of the country (along with a shotgun, thick boots and a carefree bravado), but the concept is much better than that.

Worrying about snakes is one thing, but you can encounter threats anywhere you detect.   For example, many of the best places to hunt in a city are in or near one of the worst areas of town.   That’s where the older homes and buildings that haven’t been developed over.   I’ve been approached more than once by someone asking for money.   In some areas, if you are swinging an expensive detector with headphones on you might as well paint a big target on your back, because you are one.

In the interest of networking for new detecting sites, while detecting a yard I like to be able to hear vehicles approaching as well as people passing by on foot.   What a tragedy it would be to miss out on free permission to hunt another yard because someone thought I was ignoring them, or didn’t want to trouble me to remove my headphones.

Deer hunting season is about to crank up down here in the south.     Walking around in or near fields or woods around here with headphones can be hazardous to your health.

But Can You Still Hear the Detector Clearly?

I have a lot of detectorists chide me saying I can’t possibly pay attention with a single headphone.    I’m sure two are better, but I’m not going to wear two so it doesn’t matter.    I turn the volume up pretty good and I feel pretty good about what I am hearing.


DetectorPro makes great equipment.     I am rough on all of my detecting stuff.     I’ve dropped, tangled trampled and hung my Rattler about every way possible.   The switch is solid.   The cable is plenty long enough to allow me to not take the headphone off on a quick dig, and tough enough to have avoided me nicking it with my digger.    In over a year of heavy use, I have one very minor issue – the little pad on the side with no headphone came off several times until I lost it.    I rigged a cool repair, but I felt like that one thing did not match the absolutely superb quality of the headphone in general.    

The detector has a separate compatibility switch which I use as an on/off, and a volume knob, which is great when you want to flip them off but leave your detector on for a dig, without changing the volume level.   I wish the volume level was a bit more granular.  On either of my detectors, I don’t hear a smooth transition as I turn the knob – its more like a transition through four exact volumes:  Off–>Low Volume–>Loud—>Full.   No big deal as I can compensate with the detector volume to set it up like I like it.   

I like the cool Rattlesnake logo on the side of the headphones.   That’s about as biker gang as I’m going to get.

Man I’d love to hear the manufacturers when people complain about price.      They could make them cheaper, but they would be cheaper.   The only time I complain about price is when something is not well made.  The Rattler Headphones will run you about $89, about 30% less than comparable DetectorPro regular dual headphones.    And they are well worth it.

Final Thoughts
A single headphone isn’t for everyone and that is fine.  I’m not trying to convince you that you need one.  But if hearing your surroundings is important to you while detecting, then I would highly recommend the Rattler.

We gave the Rattlers a score of 91 out of 100.     An excellent headphone we can recommend without reservation.

It’s not just rattlesnakes we need to be worried about.    It’s the cows.    Perhaps DetectorPro will release a black and white spotted DetectorPro Bovine model in the near future.

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  1. Allyson at 10:33 pm

    Rattlers are the best and toughest headphones I’ve ever used-Check out my review -they have now made it through another summer, and still no problems. I got a second pair as a back-up, and the only change I noticed is the cushioning on the non ear cup side is larger and thicker.

    Gary Storm did chastise me a bit when we went to DIV a few years back as he saw the abuse my Rattlers were forced to endure from me, but hey-they’re still going strong. I can’t say enough good things about them!

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