What is a Pull Tab Worth?

What is a Pull Tab Worth?

The metal detecting community has many enemies, but the cruelest, nastiest, and most heart breaking is the pull tab. It is inevitable, sooner or later, at least once in every dig, you will pull one out. When you do all your hopes and dreams for that particular plug are shattered and a feeling of defeat absorbs your soul. But, what do you do with that horrid relic of years past?

There are several charities that use the pull tab to their advantage. Here is a list of a few.





Every Where Else


These were posted in a recent video by: Metal4Detecting

In addition the website & forum: BobsDigginIt.com is doing a monthly contest to collect tabs for charity, a fun and trusted site. 

With these options available, digging pull tabs will become less of an annoying occurrence, and remember gold and nickels are in the range of pull tabs, you might just get lucky by doing the right thing for charity.

Good Karma= Good Digging I believe.

Final Thoughts

Please donate your pull tabs to one of these charities or find a local one. Giving back to the community will  help promote, respect, understanding , and acceptance for the hobbyist and the hobby of Metal Detecting.

Thanks for reading and HH.

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