Positive beach hunting

Positive beach hunting

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Who, what and where are three words I could not give a monkeys uncle about when they pertain to beach hunting.

I am more into what am I going to find and where, while always staying positive about my treasure hunting chances.
During filming of a treasure hunting show last year, the host asked if we were going to find anything good. 
My reply was of course we are, because I always believe I will find something good.  
I then explained to the host of the treasure hunting show that often positive thinking gets positive results. 
In my opinion, beach treasure hunting is about staying focused, sharp and keeping an open mind about everything to do with metal detecting at the beach.
If I want negativity I would still be posting on metal detecting forums, instead I put my time into something more positive, raiding beaches and Davy Jones Locker for jewelry and coins.
Who what and where are not important, why and how are two words that make a difference to a beach hunter.
The more experience you have under your belt at beach hunting, the more you realize there was a darn good reason you recovered something good at the beach using your metal detector. 
Understanding how and why you find jewelry or coins will pay big dividends on future beach hunts.
Unless you believe you found something good because someone else found something at the same site and that is the only reason you were successful. 
Believe me, it does not work that way very often, it’s a much safer bet to learn the dynamics of beach hunting as there are many different ways a good window of beach hunting opportunity opens up. 
From people using the beach and the weather, to the treasure hunting equipment you use and more importantly, how you use it! 
All of these things do not make a difference if you do not believe you have the opportunity or skills to find something good.
I am not a big fan of beach conditions reports either, because it implies you need good conditions to find something. 
Like saying hold off a while until conditions improve, which is pants because I have found great stuff in the worst beach hunting conditions.
When you stay positive my beach hunting friends, positive things will happen for you at the beach in 2017 
Here’s one of my favorite 3 ounce chunk o’gold from early 2016, a gold chain and pendant.

Recovered at a sanded-in beach when I bothered to show up and stayed positive despite the poor looking beach conditions.

A fortunate outcome from the only really good site within the sanded-in site.

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