A Do It Yourself Pinpointer Mount Modification

A Do It Yourself Pinpointer Mount Modification

‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ which means necessity or need can encourage inventive solutions to challenging situations.’

Fellow metal detectorist “Trickworm” recently shared his solution to saving over $60.00 when he designed this Lesche Sheath and Pro-Pointer Combo. You can also do this simple modification yourself, and it won’t cost you additional money for an aftermarket sheath!

Digger Pro-Pointer Combo sheath

A Do It Yourself Pinpointer Mount Modification

This Do It Yourself project merely requires determining the angle that best suits your needs for easily removing the pinpointer without hitting the guard on your digger.

Then, just sew your
Pro-Pointer sheath to the seam of your digger sheath, and you have an awesome combination that keeps all of your diggin’ tools in one easy to reach place.

That means less fumbling around for your digger or pinpointer and more goodies in the pouch!

Final Thoughts

Sometimes the best solution to a problem is the easiest solution. This modification is easy to do and it won’t cost you a dime for materials. Enjoy my friends!

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