Other peoples metal detector settings

Other peoples metal detector settings

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I get asked for my metal detector settings and coin or jewelry hunting programs on a weekly basis, mainly from Minelab CTX 3030 and Excalibur users.  Although I never have a problem sharing my settings or programs, the metal detector settings or programs I pass on usually come with a disclaimer.

In my opinion, other peoples settings or programs for metal detectors with screens, are just that other peoples settings.
It is highly unlikely other peoples settings or programs will do you any favors at the beach, especially if you do not know the reasons for using them.

I prefer to set my metal detector controls when I get to the beach, using a few preset starting points and making adjustments on the fly as I get into a beach or water hunt.  There are very few “Set and forget” controls on the metal detectors I use for beach and water hunting. The settings or program are chosen because I know why I am using them and most importantly how they help me to detect what I am searching for.

Understanding settings and how they effect the outcome of a beach or water hunt, will help you to get the most out of your metal detector.  At metal detecting events, I often get asked to check out coin or gold programs people have copied off the internet for beach or water hunting.  Sometimes they are programs designed for searching freshwater lakes in the midwest, or beaches in Europe.   One day I am hoping someone will come up to me and say check out the program I created for beaches I search and here is why I use it.

From a hardcore beach and water hunters prospective, your settings can make a huge difference at heavily hunted sites.
For example, have you noticed how much gold jewelry I still manage to find as a weekend warrior at heavily hunted beaches in my area.   Some people may say its simply good luck or location, or a combination of both, but maybe its because I know how to get the best out of the metal detectors I use.

These two heavy 18K gold bands were recovered on my last water hunt, they were both very deep targets on the edge of detection range in rough surf.

I credit the CTX 3030 settings I was using in the rough surf, with helping me bring home the cheddar. Read your metal detector detector manual, read it again and then read it some more, until you figure out what settings will work best for you at the beaches you search.

If you still need help,  CTX 3030 books and Excalibur pro user guide will give you some very good starting points.
My basic settings and programs are in the books, but I still advise you to learn what works best for you in your search areas.


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