“Oh-no” something got left behind!?

“Oh-no” something got left behind!?

Have you ever forgotten to bring an important item on one of your metal detecting trips?

Made a new poll today for items we have forgotten in the past or would like to remember for that next hunt!

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Final Thoughts

Yes we have all left things behind before,  we can all laugh/chuckle a bit more when it isn’t the goodies in the ground!

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  1. Donneybrook at 2:59 pm

    Its hilarious you’d post this today. I started to bike a mile down to a new spot today and when i pulled out of my driveway i thankfully realized i didnt have a shovel. Lol. That would have sucked.

  2. Clark Rickman at 3:13 pm

    I carry backup everything in my truck for this very reason. I left my shovel two nights ago, but fortunately I carry the smaller version of the Lesche shovel under my back truck seat, else I would have been digging with my hand. Backup insect repellent, backup detector, backup battery, backup gloves, backup headphones. I don’t want to get on a good site and not be able to detect due to an equipment failure or item left at home.

  3. Tommyjay at 7:47 pm

    Went to the other side of town to hunt the fairgrounds once. Realized I left my 1/8″ headphone adapter at home. There was a radio shack nearby, but closed because they were moving. I went further up the street to walmart…….not available. Went to ACE hardware: BINGO! Unfortunately it took 45 min. of detecting time to find the adapter, but would have taken longer had I gone back home. Luckily it was just an inexpensive, but needed piece of equipment (I dont like going speaker).

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