Divine Intervention on the Beach?

Divine Intervention on the Beach?

The story I am about to tell is true, I did not change anything to increase the drama of it, this is exactly how it happened. It is one of those weird moments that make you scratch your head and ask, what does it mean? Is this simply a coincidence?

It started yesterday when I happened to receive a message from an old and very close friend. He informed me that he had a very serious illness and was going through some difficulty of the life changing kind. The news troubled me and I was saddened by it because we go way back and he was/is like a brother to me.

Fast forward to today, I decide to take on an early morning beach hunt and a friend and I hit one of our local beaches. It’s a beautiful morning, a little cool on the beach at 6:00am but very nice.

Well, we decide where we want to detect and split up to go to our spot. I’m about 1 hour into the hunt and not much is happening, just a few coins and foil. I am slowly walking scanning the beach with my metal detector and I start thinking about my friend and what he must be going through.

As I’m walking I’m reminiscing, going over in my mind, about the past and how our family’s grew up together, how we used to play guitar together, and the many, many times we just hung out together. I’m deep in thought and I get a signal on my detector. I stop, pinpoint the target and dig it with my sand scoop. I dump the scoop and see the glimmer of gold and low and behold it is a 14k gold signet ring.

Now remember I was deep in thought, reminiscing about my friend, his situation and the times we had when I found this ring. Now this is the weird part for me, and I kid you not, I look at the ring closely and I see that the initials on the ring are W.M.G.!

I start thinking, oh my god, wait my friends initials are W.M.G.? I am officially freaked out!

I’m praying for you brother………………….

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  1. detectingdiva at 7:46 am

    Wow, what an interesting story–the universe works in mysterious ways.
    I remember a similar situation in Staten Island when a group of us went hunting, and upon reviewing the finds, a friend found a ring dated the same exact day, but about a hundred years earlier.
    You never know what vibrations are out there.
    Prayers and good luck to your friend.

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