Officer  Asks You To Leave – Detecting Scenario 8

Officer Asks You To Leave – Detecting Scenario 8

So, here’s the scenario: You are metal detecting at a schoolyard after hours. You don’t have specific permission to be there, but it is public property and you are a tax payer.

There is no policy against metal detecting in your city and there is no legal reason you can’t be there.

After about an hour into your hunt, you have a feeling that you are being watched. You look up, and see an older lady walking her dogs and think nothing of it. Unfortunately, mean old lady Johnson see’s you detecting and calls the cops on you!


A few minutes later you notice a police car pull into the parking lot. That’s not unusual considering that this is a public school, so you go back to detecting. An officer soon approaches and asks you what you are doing.

You explain that this is a hobby and that you enjoy getting out and finding a few coins or relics with your metal detector every now and then. The officer is kind and understands that you are just enjoying your hobby, but ultimately the officer asks you to leave.

You know that there are no laws or ordinances prohibiting metal detecting in public places, but you have been asked to leave the property by law enforcement.

What would you do in this situation?

Final Thoughts

Often the “correct answer” seems obvious, but that might not be what you would actually do in said situation. After reading the above scenario think about what you might do if you found yourself in this situation.

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  1. Chris at 2:11 pm

    Rather than rock the boat, I would probably just leave, but return with permission from the school board. The first time, it’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission, but the second time, they might not be so willing to shrug you off and let you go. Civil court for a trespassing charge, along with lawyer fees, is not worth it and makes for bad PR.

  2. Mike Griffiths at 7:03 pm

    I would ask the Police guy what laws am I breaking, and if he just said move on because he says so, I would argue with him, and if nessasary get my self arrested for something I didn’t do…I suppose the easy way would be to go, wait at a distance, then move back, when they go.

  3. JeffinPhx at 11:19 pm

    Wait for mean old lady Johnson to die. From the looks of her she has maybe a year left at the most, then resume detecting the school.

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