Nokta Impact released— a new three-frequency metal detector (price, specifications, photos +)

Nokta Impact released— a new three-frequency metal detector (price, specifications, photos +)

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Hi friends! When you hear about the name of the company Nokta, then what do you think about? And who are they? And what do they do? Yeah, I know they were only a narrow circle of specialists who were interested in radars. But now, with the release of a new metal detector Nokta Impact, many of the diggers will think what is this company, and what detector they have released — Nokta Impact. It seems to me that over time Nokta Impact will take its place, as the main detector of many of the diggers and the word “Nokta” will now be remembered immediately. Why?

The Release of Nokta Impact
The Nokta Impact metal detector was prepared a long time. Earlier, Nokta released the first test models, then slightly updated the Nokta Fors Core and Nokta Fors Gold, then the guys from Nokta released Nokta Fors Relic. Good detector by the way. But another year passed and Nokta released perhaps the masterpiece for 2017. Admire:

What do we have here? The wire inside the bar (now no need to wind the wire on the rod), the pin-point trigger with the unit (believe me, after Fisher F75 walk with the trigger, you’ll never want to look for other solutions, it is very convenient!), highly unusual for metal detectors. Captivating 3 frequencies: 5 kHz, 12 kHz and 20 kHz, making the device more functional, the presence of a wireless module for headphones – you still dig without headphones? Dig on, and all of the finds will be mine!

This tester from the Czech Republic is very pleased with it. As we can see, they have already released an additional coil. For example, this coil 7.5″x4″, a very popular size for the beach, Park, or garbage dump.

The detector includes in the PRO-package covers for the detector and the battery pack under the armrest. Apparently, the bipod was invented to prevent the ingress of moisture into the device when you lean over a pit and have to put it on the ground. I don’t know how good this solution is, I have never tried it, time will tell and other diggers will decide whether the bipod is good.


Some nice tricks, which are on many of the detectors from Nokta, and also on the Impact: backlight (LED lamp built into the detector), vibration — a good solution when there are no headphones, and sound is not too desirable.

The detector is powered from 4 AA batteries (standard AA), this miracle weighs 1.8 kg. Hope the balancing is right, it weighs about the same as a Minelab Safari.

One of the interesting features — a firmware update, a fashion which came from the French guys with XP Detectors.

Price and specifications

The Nokta Impact has the standard price of $849 (MSPR)

Metal detector
Coil 11 DD (ellipse, 7×11)
USB cable
Power, 4 x AA batteries

Nokta Impact PRO — $999 (MSPR)

Metal detector
Coil 11 DD (ellipse, 7×11)
The 7.5 DD coil (ellipse, 4×7.5)
Extra lower rod
Protective covers on the blocks
USB cable
Power, 4 AA battery, charger 220V, car charger 12V

The two additional coils:

IM40 waterproof DD Search coil

40 cm x 35 cm (15.5″ x 14″)

Waterproof IM24 — DD Search coil

24 cm x 13 cm (9.5″ x 5″)

Search program

As you can see from the render pictures of the control unit of the detector, the Impact has 12 programs: two statistical mode, two all-metal modes (what is their difference? Don’t know yet), and eight other programs — as you can see different programs on discrimination (2 tones, 3 tones, 4 tones and 99 tones), heavy soil mode (complex, for example, salty sand) deep mode (like the Makro Racer 2).

Ground balance — manual, automatic and tracking mode.

VDI indicators — 0-40 is black metal, and 40-99 is non-ferrous metals.

In total
It seems that the company Nokta seriously tried to the creation of a universal detector for all tasks, which would be at quite the right price (cheaper than the XP Deus and MINELAB CTX 3030) everything you need for detecting (several frequencies, different search modes, the presence of tracking soil, etc.) and would become a full-fledged competitor to the other market leaders, companies from the US and the UK — Garrett, Fisher/Teknetics, Minelab. Will it get them or not, time will tell and we will write!


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