New detector announced for 2017- Golden Mask 5+ (what’s new, photos+)

New detector announced for 2017- Golden Mask 5+ (what’s new, photos+)

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I’ve never seen any of the Golden Mask detectors, neither in the fields nor in the hands of a digger. Over here it is not popular, and not very interesting manufacturer for digger. However, as long as the coins are in the fields and diggers find expensive things, many are trying to find new ways of finding more expensive and interesting finds, and therefore more and more people are starting to look at new detectors. Bulgarians were the first to announce a new detector in 2017, in early January , they announced the updated Golden Mask 5+. I do not know anything about the previous model, but with this detector the Bulgarians promise:

So what is new?

Addition of the Power Box
Addition of the functions Gain and Treshold
The depth has increased by 20%, and 50% for coins laying on the edge
Numerical ID
Addition of Iron Audio
Improved sound
Improved auto ground balance
Waterproofed detector – now rain is no longer a problem, but do not go into the water (IP66)
Battery 2900 mAh
Operating temperature from -10C to + 60C
In general, they added all that is necessary to any digger at the moment and for a comfortable detecting.

Let’s see what will happen next, all articles, news, reviews and tests on the Golden Mask 5+ we will gather here!

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