Morgan Dollar, Seated Dime, Barbers & More!

Morgan Dollar, Seated Dime, Barbers & More!

I don’t normally post “finds” articles, but recently I had my best hunt EVER and wanted to share with our Detecting365 readers!

Back in February, I traveled to Kansas to meet up with my business partner and friend, Jerr-Man and we had the chance to metal detect at an 1800s fairgrounds on private property.  For obvious reasons I can’t say a bunch about this spot, other than it was a very popular place in the late 1800’s and that thousands of people would go there every year.

As stated it is now private property that we have permission to detect.

After 9 1/2 hours swinging my Minelab E-Trac, this is what I came up with!




This is an 1824 Odd Fellows medallion found about 9 inches deep.




Vintage Ring, Notice the lady on the side, and it has another on the opposite side.



Part of a medal that is worn on the chest, this would have hung from a ribbon.



Gaming Token, these were used as an alternative currency…


I found 5 of these gaming tokens in one hole, but gave one to the property owners.


Finally! After 5 years in the hobby I finally got a V Nickel! A 1904! WOOT! lol



This hunt was full of firsts and this was also my first hunt that netted TWO Barber dimes!





Keeping with the theme of “Firsts” I got my first ever Seated Dime, an 1875 Carson City Mint! This coin literally made me fall on my back from my knees when I found it, I was simply MIND BLOWN!

Not twenty feet away I got a nice dime tone on my ETrac and thought I might have a barber dime down there… after digging about 8 inches deep or so I had a huge coin in my hands and I could see a silver reeded edge, and this thing was HEAVY!




I couldn’t believe it,  I found the find of a lifetime! 1881 Morgan –  I can’t post here what I said to Jerr-Man when I found it because of a certain 4 letter word. Suffice it to say I said “You’re not gonna … believe this!” I still can’t believe it, would have never guessed in a million years I’d pull a Morgan Dollar out of the ground!  

It gets even better, my detecting partner Jerry also pulled an 1890s wedding ring, merc dime, 1883 Indian Penny, 1904 Barber Quarter and a few other odds and ends

I told Jerry that “Where there is one there is two, and he smiled”  Well, the next weekend he went back and got himself an 1890 Morgan Dollar about 20 feet from where I found mine!  Now my theory of where there is on there is two…didn’t seem so far fetched!!!


The best of it! To say that this was a hunt of a lifetime is an understatement. The E-Trac was killin it out there, and man this was a hunt I will remember the rest of my life.


Of course I dug some junk, this is half of the junk I dug that day as I had already emptied my finds pouch.  All in all I would say the payday for diggin all the trash was worth it!!!


I have had my Minelab E-Trac Metal Detector for 5 months, and since that time, this is all of the silver I have dug with it.


To say that the E-Trac is a beast is an understatement!  Just imagine when I learn how to use it…lol I kid, I think I’m doing alright with it so far.

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