Minelab’s PRO-FIND Pinpointers and DIF Technology Explained

Minelab’s Detector Interference Free (DIF) technology significantly reduces interference with an operating metal detector, when the pinpointer is switched off, by disengaging the pinpointer coil’s magnetic field.

See how Minelab’s Pro-find pinpointers work, and how they differ from pinpointers with non DIF Technology.



How the Pro-Find series of pinpointers with DIF Technology differ from other types of pinpointers

pf0101Introducing the new Minelab PRO-FIND 15/25/35 Series Pinpointers.

PRO-FIND Series pinpointers assist in accurately locating targets at the point of extraction where a metal detector coil cannot fit. This results in smaller holes, less environmental disruption and faster target recovery time.

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