Minelab CTX 3030 beach and water hunting tips

Minelab CTX 3030 beach and water hunting tips

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I was recently recently asked what is the main advice I would give to people who are just getting started beach hunting with the Minelab CTX 3030, so here are three easy things to remember when using this incredible metal detector at the beach.

Smooth operator

Like any other metal detector you are not familiar using,  set the sensitivity so you can get used to the audio responses to different metal targets at the beach.  
I recommend running the CTX 3030 in the Auto sensitivity setting until you get comfortable with the audio target tones and numerical display read outs. 
This metal detector, unlike many other metal detectors can be be used in Auto without a massive drop off in target depth, I still regularly run my CTX 3030 with the sensitivity level set at Auto+3
You have plenty of time to experiment with manual sensitivity levels after you get used to your new metal detector. 
A mistake many people with new metal detectors make is running hot without knowing why they are using such high sensitivity levels. 

Video killed the radio star

Yes I know, Im showing my age with the sub titles lol but remember you should always hunt by ear first at the beach and only use your display read outs as a good second opinion. Check out the target numbers, but try not to base your digging decisions on Co / FE numbers until you really get used to the CTX 3030.
In fact, I would pay more attention to the target cursors than the target numbers.
Look for unwavering target placements indicating potentially good targets and a target cursor bouncing around the screen as probably not a positive sign.
Again, get familiar with the audio responses (Target tones) before getting too wrapped up in the potential conductive and ferrous readouts to various common metal objects found at the beach.

One step beyond

Sweep your search coil slowly and keep the search coil level through-out the sweeping motion.
A good slow sweeping motion improves the many target ID  features of the CTX 3030,  the main reason for using a metal detector like the CTX 3030.
Sweeping slow and low will force you to cover the beach slower, which has many advantages.
Target depth is increased when you keep your search coil level and close to the surface, target recovery speed is also improved. 
Meaning you hear the next metal target your search coil passes over on trashy beach sites. 
The most accurate audio and visual target IDs from the CTX 3030 are achieved by giving your CTX 3030 time to potentially identify metal objects detected. 
Slowly sweeping your search coil twice from side to side before taking another step, is an ideal way to use the CTX 3030. 

Notice how I used the word ” Potential” a couple of times in todays blog, remember when you first pick up a Minelab CTX 3030 you are trying to find the potential settings that work best on the beaches you search.  
Lastly but most importantly, learn how to use the CTX 3030 on the beach before venturing into the water. Good beach hunters make excellent water hunters!

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