He Said I Could – Metal Detecting Scenario 11 – What Would You Do?

He Said I Could – Metal Detecting Scenario 11 – What Would You Do?

You just scored the permission of a lifetime to metal detect on Private property at an old Carnival grounds where festivals and carnivals have taken place over the last 120 years.  Obviously, you couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to hunt such an old place with the potential for old silver coins and jewelry, and not only that, you get to bring a friend along to enjoy the hunt with you.

In this “what would you do?” metal detecting scenario,  You have taken a buddy with you to hunt the old carnival grounds, and made it clear to him that this is an exclusive permission on private property of yours and that your detecting buddy shouldn’t go there without you in the future.

You both had a great day detecting together, and your hunting buddy ended up finding a silver quarter while there which makes you happy because he had a good hunt somewhere that you brought him to in hopes of him finding something awesome.

You’re genuinely happy to see a friend having fun and finding a cool coin, and you even mention to him that you will line up another hunt with him to go back to that site for more detecting in the future.

Then, about a week later you go back to talk to the property owner in hopes of detecting the carnival grounds again sometime soon, and that’s when you hear some bad news.

The property owner informs you that they caught your detecting buddy back on their property as he was metal detecting without permission.  Not only that, but your buddy actually told the property owner that YOU said it was okay for him to detect there!

The property owner goes on to tell you that not only did your buddy sneak onto their property but that he was rude and disrespectful to them and wouldn’t even show the property owner what he was finding.

To add insult to injury, after a quick look around it is obvious that not only was your so called buddy rude and disrespectful to the property owners of your permission, but he was also leaving unfilled holes all over the place where horses graze in the pasture.

There you are, stunned and unsure how to react.  You’re mad, you’re embarassed, you feel betrayed, you’re uncomfortable and having a conversation with a property owner that you never thought you’d have to have.

The property owner wasn’t happy with how things turned out at your new permission, and while you haven’t lost your permission to detect there completely, the damage is done to the trust between you and the property owner, unfortunately.

Now that detecting partner won’t answer a phone call or text from you, and you have to mend fences with the property owner.


So, What would you do in that situation? Would you confront your buddy next time you saw him? Would you just move on and find another place to detect? Would you make further efforts to smooth things over with the property owner, if not, what WOULD you do?

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