What’s Your Metal Detecting Mindset?

What’s Your Metal Detecting Mindset?

In a college design course I had one of the coolest instructors that you’d ever want to meet. He wore colorfully printed Hawaiian shirts just about every day. He had long grey hair and a beard, possibly a hippie in his day even, but looks can be deceiving, this guy was highly educated and I learned several things from him that would serve me well later in life.

During a Photoshop lesson he had the class switch the Mouse over to the side of their less dominant hand. This exercise was designed to teach a student how to relax their arm so their design can just flow through the Mouse.

By scribbling all over the canvas with my left hand, I felt liberated. Liberated from what, I’m not quite sure, but I was having fun even though I didn’t have much control over the scribbles that I was making on the canvas.


After awhile my arm did seem to relax and soon I was able to control my cursor on the screen a little bit better than when I started. At the time it didn’t make a lot of sense to me when he had us use our non-dominant hand, but today when I design with Photoshop I have great control over the mouse, and I’ve learned how to become one with the mouse when designing.

Here is a picture that I’ve been doing a repair, or restoration on. This is a picture of Me from when I was a baby. Our house burned down and this photo was salvaged and torn from the glass and frame. As you can see, it was in terrible shape. The picture was missing parts, had tears, creases, bubbles,smoke damage, discoloration and other issues that needed repaired.

Let me begin by saying that I do not consider myself to be a professional with Photoshop…


Obviously, this photo restoration took many, many hours to get to this stage. Being relaxed was important because this image required a lot of patience and time at the computer to get to this point. Like everything we do in life, being comfortable while completing a task is imperative to our success.

That was the point of learning how to relax while manipulating the Mouse in Photoshop. If you think about it, metal detecting isn’t much different. Being relaxed while swinging your coil can be beneficial in a few ways.

First, the obvious benefit is that your muscles are relaxed, which allows you to swing longer and enjoy your hunt more. Secondly, by being relaxed and just ‘letting it flow,’ you open your mind to positive thinking. As we know, our thoughts are very powerful, so if we keep an open mind and invite positive thoughts into our head we can increase the possibility of success during our hunts.

I traveled to a small town in Missouri recently to do some metal detecting. I was excited to detect their little ‘beach’ next to the river in search of lost jewelry. I started out detecting on the bank where people sit to sunbathe or launch their kayaks.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that I’d probably have better luck in the water considering that the water is somewhat shallow there. Since I didn’t have a proper scoop with me I decided to move and detect a grass field area next to the river and return soon with a better scoop and detect the water.

I didn’t let the lack of jewelry finds next to the river deter me, instead I remained positive and moved to an area that I thought had potential for finding good targets. In a matter of minutes I was finding modern dimes and pennies all over the place. That was a good sign that told me people are active in the area. About 5 minutes after moving to that area I got a nice dime high tone on my AT Pro, and about 3 inches down I found this silver ring!


See, I didn’t get discouraged next to the river, instead I stayed relaxed and in a positive state of mind. I believed that I was going to find something good before my hunt was over, and I did!


Finding this ring just goes to show that Metal Detecting is like doing Photoshop in that if you relax, stay focused and be patient, you will be rewarded for your efforts in the end. Be sure to click the links below to read more about how you can will yourself to win with the right metal detecting mindset.


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