When Metal Detecting – Act Like You’ve Been There Before

When Metal Detecting – Act Like You’ve Been There Before

One technique that I like to use when doing research on a potential metal detecting site is to locate the property on an aerial map and study the property from all 4 sides by rotating the map and taking a screen shot of each angle.

Then I like to open the screen shots in a photo editor and study the potential hot spots on each image.  Using the brush tool, I will choose colors for ‘hot zones’.

In this example, the green dots encompass the main areas that I would concentrate on if I detected this property.

Sometimes I color code the areas when I plot out potential target rich environments. Green dots would symbolize an area that I wanted to detect first. Orange dots or lines would be other areas that weren’t as high traffic, but still might hold some goodies. Red dots or lines would be areas that I would detect if time permitted but would be areas that I would focus less on during the initial hunt there.

I usually have 6 or 8 images of various angles of each property like this, that I could alternate through as I studied the layout of the land the night before a big hunt.  This can be beneficial to you by saving you time and wasted effort when you get there.

As you can see, the pathways and sidewalks to and from houses, barns, and garages are high traffic areas and good areas to scan with your metal detector.  Large trees or other shady spots where people may have entertained or sat, or played can be rewarding spots to find old coins and jewelry. Likewise, the edges of driveways and the path from the house to the driveway are good places to find coins and rings. The orange areas are places where work was likely done, and as such would hold a bit more trash than the areas in green, but could also produce some good finds.  I tend to save those spots for a second hunt.

You can even send yourself a text or email with the image attached so you can pull it up on your phone while in the field if you wanted to remind yourself where you wanted to detect.

Using this technique, by the time you get to your detecting site you will be well prepared to put yourself on some potential hot spots.  Having a system in place is crucial to your metal detecting success.  Being prepared means not having to deal with surprises and using this technique you will know the site very well before you even step foot on the property.

Then, you’ll be ready to ACT LIKE YOU’VE BEEN THERE! Because, in a way, you have….


Final Thoughts

We all want to Increase our Keepers Per Hour and it’s definitely possible with a little research and technology. Set yourself up for success and make 2018 your best year ever!


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