How to metal detect a wide open beach

For those of you that metal detect on beaches or those that are new to metal detecting and want to learn ways to properly approach a beach for metal detecting, I have created a video showing how I approach a wide open and flat beach.

Not all beaches are like this, although many are, this is just an example of how I would recommend that you hunt a wide open flat beach area, so that you can cover lots of ground.

In the video it is difficult to see but at low tide there is the normally dry sand at the top where most people gather, also known as the “towel line,” but then there can be an area with a mound of sand just below the dry sand that gets covered during high-tide but is very porous.

After that toward the water is the flat wet sand area that I find to be the most productive for targets. I find that metal detecting the beach in the mid-section area to be where I find my greatest treasures.

The problem is that it can be a vast, flat, and wide open area, so I made this video to specifically address that aspect of beach metal detecting to show how to cover lots of beach and not get lost in the process.

Follow these tips and you will get your coil over more targets for better success while hunting the beach.

Watch this video for a demonstration.

I hope it is helpful & happy hunting!

Photo Credits:
CZ Detector on Beach by DirtScanner



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